For 2017, we are focusing on books—Lots of books.  Here is a list of digital books we are working on:

  • Munich Artists 365 Challenge book – Publishes December 30, 2017.
  • TrefuLife Booklet Series (12 booklets. The first book launches on January 6, 2017. Artists interested in adding artwork to this series can connect with me.  Must be illustrative in style. The books are creative life coaching books for KYFIO.)
  • LifeLines by Munich Artists – Launches Feb 2017 -Book content will be created at our January  27/28 event which will be announced on January 29, 2016.
  • KloHaeuschen Spa Memoir -Launches March 2017.
  • Munich Says Book – March 2017.
  • Totem Animals by Gabriela Popp & Emmy Horstkamp (Launches April 2016.)
  • Inspired 2017  Book Series.  Open project.  Selected artwork will be used for a book.  All art pieces will be published on the website. This year artists will be inspired by a sentence to be released in a post on the website in January 2017. Inspired 2016 project can be seen here.  ( Deadline for Artwork Feb 2016. Book launches May 2016.)
  • Munich Stories 2017 (Challenge July/August and Book launch November  11, 2017)

Books in production with no scheduled launch date:

  • Colouring book by Isidora Romani (No name yet) Launch Day to be scheduled.
  • Creative book by Michael Pitschke (No name yet) Launch date to be scheduled
  • Bead Voyage – A curated bead adventure.



As you could tell from our December make a book post,  we will be balancing digital book making with offline fine art books and Installations.  If you want to share your book making skills with Munich Artists, please let me know.  I would love to have a workshop on making Book boxes, special stitches, and book designs.   We love collaborating, so if you are a serious book maker or workshop person, let me know by emailing