Who are you? Isidora Romani

Where are you from? I come from Italy, I was born in Ponte San Pietro, Bergamo

What brought you to Munich? I came to Munich – because of a job offer as PhD student in the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. 

I have a Doctor title in molecular biology and I’m also a paragliding pilot….being an artist….a pilot and a scientist are what make me what I am now…and tomorrow.

What place in Munich fills you with joy or inspires you?

I have been living in Munich since 4 years, and a place that inspire me every time is the beautiful Isar …and the English garden.

How would you describe your work? The images I draw can be defined as a celebration of the released subconscious and  inner dream

The style that I  use is the doodle  black ink on paper … my idea is : i take the prisma of the consciousness and lets the dreams and the reality diffract in components and meanings ..the basic lines of my drawings …

For me the art of releasing my subconscious ..draw things without thinking too much…and without planning ….”inking is meditation in liquid form” …a way to dig in my mind and feelings….

the little monsters that I draw  are representation of metamorphosis and transformation……….

Who is your favorite artist? My favorite artist is Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch graphic artist (1898-1972)

What art supply are you never without? pens….or any black ink and a white surface..just this will make me happy.