Who are you?

Ah, existential question.  Poets, philosophers, and scientists have been trying to answer that question for ages.  I’ll defer to them.

Where are you from?

Niles, Michigan in the United States of America.

What brought you to Munich?

This time around, the love of a good man.

What place in Munich fills you with joy or inspires you?

Somewhat recently I biked down the hill from Bogenshausen to the Isar, following the curve of that road next to the Maximilianaeum.  The light dappled its way onto the pavement below through the Isarufer park foliage.  People afoot, in cars, and on bikes were going about their business and enjoying the sunshine.  As the breeze picked up while I coasted down towards the bridge, I had one of those time-spot moments of joy that for me in Munich are often a combination of moving through a stunning civic space with my Mitmenschen, and deeply appreciating the sun being out and bathing the whole scene in warmth and glow.

How would you describe your work?

I am perpetually on a search for beauty in a myriad of materials and forms.

Who is your favorite artist?

I have many favorites and could give you twenty names off the top of my head, so let’s just do a pick of the day.  How about Georgia O’ Keeffe?  Her work certainly epitomizes the statement I used to describe my work above.

What art supply are you never without?

A camera and a pen.