Day 1:  Show me a Sticker(s).

stickers on the back of a sign
ArtistDemotivation: You will never reach the top. Entrepreneur Motivation: Keep trying. No one is there yet.

Day 2: Make some Confetti

Confetti:   Demotivational: One moment your up in the air and in the next, your in the gutter and not even a German street cleaner can get you out. Entrepreneur motivation:  Throw yourself out there and find a crack to fill.

Day 3: Napkins

Demotivational: Germans treat their napkins like hidden treasures. What makes you think they want an art piece made from one? Entrepreneur motivation? Go! Fill that market niche with a treasure for consumers to find. Note: Can we export hidden treasures? We live in the land of recycling. Think of a way to spin a used napkin into a consumer product.

Day 4:


Day 5:  Open Door

Day 6:  Drawing a Line

Day 7:

Day 8:

Artist Demotivator: Germany is not the Land of Oz, it is the land of Goethe. Germans love to see foreign art and discuss and analyse foreign cultures but they want to be surrounded by artwork that resonates with their personal tastes. In Munich, your work will be evaluated by Germans who are conservative with their money and their tastes. Buck up and show them you have artistic value otherwise you will have a full studio and an empty bank account. Entrepreneurial Motivation: Germans love to tell you how to do things right. Listen to them except when it comes to cooking ethnic food or being creative and spontaneous.

Day 9:

Artists Demotivational: Every day is play outside day until you are six. Are you six? If not, get back to work. Entrepreneurial motivation: Germans are a serious bunch but they firmly believe you should socialise for 6 years of your life. Figure a way to multiply this by 10 so they can enjoy being German a little more.


Day 10:

Artist Demotivational: Germans believe that you can walk everywhere no matter what the distance and this mentality extends to buying art. They want to see if you can walk the distance so stop whinging that they don’t buy your art, strap on your sturdy practical walking shoes and show them that you can trek with the best of them and make the distance. Entrepreneurial motivation: Germans are practical, methodical and willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for their health. How about creating a better pair of walking shoes with replaceable soles that don’t look like ugly old lady shoes. Germans will buy walking shoes because they have lots of places within walking distance.


Day 11/12:

Artists Demotivation: You think you’re finished? Really? Is it finished or just “It is as good as it gets.” Entrepreneurial Motivation: Find a Banksy in your niche. Don’t settle for “as good as it gets.”

Day 13: Still life

day 13 lent challenge
For day 13 look around your space for a still life and snap a photo. If you have time, make a contour drawing.


Day 14:

Day 15: