Munich Artists – About and Contact Information


Welcome to Munich artists. If you are an artist in Munich, You are welcome to introduce yourself to Emmy Horstkamp and let her know that you want to participate in our projects  Emmy is the founder of Munich Artists, administrator of the website and originator of cool ideas

What does Munich Artists do?

We push artists to expand their creative boundaries and offer creative opportunities to Munich based artists.

You can contact Emmy in the following ways:

  • Email –
  • Phone – +4915129111465.   Emmy rarely answers the phone but we will respond to a text message or email faster so use those techniques to contact Emmy.

Here are some more facts about Munich Artists:

  • Munich Artists is open to all artists who live in and around Munich, Germany (100 mile radius of the city) and who ware seriously pursuing their art career.
  • There is no membership fee.  We consider all artists from all genres members. Emmy is interested in getting projects done and building an art idea not a specific artist. For that reason, Munich Artists does not charge a membership fee but artists pay for projects if they decide to participate.
  • Munich Artists will not critique portfolios. We help artists further their careers by inviting them to participate in events (based on the work we’ve seen in our private FB group and through our Munich Artist activities. We do not represent individual artists nor do we promote artists who are not located in our region. Emmy Horstkamp does critique artwork and make art commentaries but only for artists who can handle constructive criticism.
  • Munich Artists organises events and projects for Munich based artists which are local and international. Munich Artists organises events and projects which may be open to all artists or by invitation only. Here is an example of an open project and here is an example of an invitation only project. Because we are doing more projects in 2015/2016, the open projects will mostly be online.  All offline projects will be by invitation or application.
  • We want to bring international ideas to Munich.  One of our current projects, Free Art Friday, is an international movement and open to all artists.  We encourage artists, residents and visitors to participate in this Friday event when they are in Munich, Germany.  Free does not mean cheap art.  The art pieces shared by the artists are all part of their current work.  If you find a piece of artwork, please let the artists know. It does make them happy to know their artwork has found a new home.
  • Munich Artists has an internet presence in the form of a website and new media channels, private online groups and a physical location near downtown Munich.  Our current location is Frauenstrasse 18, 80469 Munich. (inner courtyard.)  Frauenstrasse 18 is where we show artwork, have meetings, organise workshops and get our mail. We exhibit artwork but will no longer have public parties.  All parties will now be by invitation only and under the control of the artist exhibiting.    All public events will be advertised on the website and will be in association with some public event (like our Summer art event in Sendling.)
  • Dr. Emmy Horstkamp is the founder of Munich Artists ( which is currently sheltered under Kyfio UG. Emmy has a business partner who never shows up at parties but offers great knowledge and guidance in practical things like staying on budget.
  • Munich artists is not an e-commerce site and Munich Artists is not a design agency but we do help companies when we feel like it or if we feel it will help Munich Artists. Our ecommerce sites will be and  If you want to be involved in these projects, you can email Emmy.
  • Munich Artists encourages artists to stretch the boundaries of their art creation. We look for opportunities for Munich based artists to demonstrate their creativity in Munich and abroad under the umbrella of Munich Artists. We do not act as an artists agent or promote an individual artist in Munich or overseas. We do promote Munich Artists as an idea and an art brand and happily talk about artists we meet and about artwork we like.
  • The Munich Artists platform is organic and grows in the direction needed by Munich Artists.  We are not a crutch but a ladder so take a step up and say hello.
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