Dear Reader,

We, Munich Artists declare the following:

  • We believe that even though the world is global, local artists are an essential element in the development of regional styles. We understand the importance of our local art community and we use Munich artists to promotes Munich artists not critique them.  The intention of our project is to find talented artists and talk about them, collaborate with them on art projects and encourage them to stretch their artistic talents further and in more creative directions.
  • We do not pit one artist against another or belittle artistic talents of lesser known artists. We believe in synergies, the Zeitgeist and positive creative energy.   We do not favour artists from any particular school or technique. We believe excellent art comes from interesting and dynamic artists not just training.  A diploma will not impress us but exceptional artwork will. 
  • We believe that to have a strong and healthy art community, artists must collaborate and elevate each other and not step on each other’s toes.  We provide a way for artists to meet and to learn about different styles and techniques which can only help make their artwork stronger.
  • Munich has no Ego but we know that Munich artists might have strong ones.  We will not stroke egos.  We look at  art in the context of global art and comment on the artwork that is in Munich.  To this end, we will discuss artists with similar themes and techniques to help collectors and other artists understand what is happening in Bavaria at this moment in time.
  • We are highly educated in art, history, law, economics and other fields which may be mentioned on Munich Artists in the context of art in Munich but not to show off how much we know. We are smart and we don’t need to prove it.
  • We will share the price of artwork that sells, the cost of exhibiting in Munich and any other useful facts that we find.  We are artists not machines.  Sometimes the facts will be wrong and we will change those facts once we know they are wrong.  
  • We will not change our personal opinions without some amazing insight or divine intervention.  We acknowledge that each artist has the right to their own opinion and taste and we ask that artists be considerate with each other when expressing their own opinions and personal taste. 
  • Munich Artists doesn’t want to hurt feelings.  Our aim is to help artists, document their existence and help them become better and more prolific art creators.  There are thousands of artists in Bavaria and we encourage all artists to join in on the fun.  
  • Joining is automatic when you move or are born in Bavaria and the only way to quit Munich artists is to move away or die.


Munich Artists