A Lifelines™ book is a positive way to deal with life changes and to keep yourself emotionally balanced.

Like many artists, I use art as a way of staying in touch with my feelings and during a recent family illness,  I found myself filling a book full of abstracted ink images and then drawing black lines around the shapes.

The process of drawing a line around an object became a zen activity for me and I found this process so helpful in dealing with my current life changes that I decided to make it into a book.


Each book has 100 pages of shapes that the penholder will surround with a line.  To keep the activity zen, the person will pick one pen to use for the whole book.   A list of the different pens I’ve used will be shared but there isn’t a right or wrong choice of pen.  Whatever pen is used it the right pen for the book. there is also no right or wrong way to create the lines but each book will show examples of the contour lines

Lifeline that contains all the green areas on the page -artwork by Emmy Horstkamp

I want you as the book owner to use pens instead of pencils as a symbolic act. A pen’s ink is permanent and I want you to feel the power of creating something permanent that will not be changed by others and that allows you to be not only in control but also containing the shapes.

I will share the original books on my website.  You do not have to have any artistic talent to use a lifeline books and there will be different colours for you to focus on during the process.  The colour symbolism will be shared in the book and I would like the pen holder to keep in mind an affirmation while they are making their lifeline.

Lifelines Book #1  with artists pen – by Emmy Horstkamp
Life lines Book  #1 with Artists Pen by Emmy Horstkamp
Lifeline Book #1 lifeline surrounding all colour by Emmy Horstkamp


Here is an example of the page before contour lines have been added.

agreen book lifeline example-lifeline
Lifelines Studio Books 






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