Creating Street Art in Munich, Germany

Hello International Urban Street Artists.  This page has been created for you so that you will come visit Munich and create awesome art on Minga walls without worrying about going to a Minga jail which is a clean and orderly place but not someplace you want to hang out at while traveling abroad.

Munich wants you to come and create artwork in the city. If you are not a planner, head over to Schlachthof or Tumblingerstrasse and paint away.  Those locations are open for all artists but your work may not last more than a few days. I will try to documents your art while it is in existence and you are welcome to send me an email at and  let me know when you are painting and what time you will be there so we can have a chat.

IMG_0081 (1).jpg
HNRX near Candidplatz

If you are a planner, and  you want to create an amazing piece of street art in Munich that stays around awhile, you will need to know the following:

  •  Loomit (the artist helping to curate Munich Street Art) wants talented international artists to come to Munich and paint. If you are worried about whether you are talented enough, Don’t waste his time. 
  • You must create artwork that is unique. (In your own style and not based on another artists style. Loomit, who is helping to get the city permits, is a veteran street artist and he wants original artwork only.
  • Your artwork must have a clear composition. Whether it is lettering or illustrative, your work must be more artwork on the street rather than graffiti quickly scribbled in the dark.  The city will not approve art that encourages others to scribble on the wall. They will approve street art that is figurative and illustrative.
  • The city will require a sketch of the wall piece you want to create. (Have two or three options available in case the first is vetoed.  Be brave and toss amazing ideas at them until one is accepted.
  • Have an online portfolio of your wall work. The City of Munich will want to see what kind of artwork you create.  Your artwork can be political or about current events but it can’t be inflammatory. Your artwork can be big, medium or small.  The city will find a place for it if it is original and well composed.
GZ- Guido Zimmermann
  • Send me your sketch and portfolio links and I will forward it to Loomit. (Give this process several weeks in your timeline because Loomit doesn’t carry around a mobile phone.)
  • If your work fits in with the curatorial plan of the city, you will be granted a permit and given a location to paint.  You must supply your own art supplies. The permit granted by the city allows you the right to paint on a wall without getting bothered  by the police (who will definitely visit for a chat.) The permit doesn’t grant you any funds for painting or a ladder but I have one at my studio if you want to lug it out and bring it back.

If you have other questions not answered above, you can email me at emmy @ and I will try to get you an answer. The artworks shown on this page have all been created with permit and self funded by the artists.





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