We have approximately 500 artists who consider themselves part of the Munich Artists Project.  There are no criteria to belong to the general group. We believe everyone can benefit from being around other artists and creatives so we encourage artists to meet and get to know each other and maybe even be inspired by each others art practices. ( If you want to read more about our philosophy, please check out our manifesto.)


For each project we initiate, we select artists from the pool of artists we know and if there are not enough, we create an open call for talent from the Munich Area.  Examples of our projects can be found on our projects page.  For most of our projects we pick artists from Bavaria.  We understand that artists from around the world have talent but we would like to promote local talent globally, that is why the website/group is called Munich Artists.   We will be initiating one project that is for all of Germany.  This is an exception because it is a collaboration with an Asian artist who wants a German exhibition not just a Bavarian one.


We started organising a stammtisch. Munich Artists are encouraged to suggest projects or opportunities that may benefit Munich Artists.  These meetings are short and are only for sharing information.

If you want to be involved with Munich Artists, helping us with different tasks is the easiest way to get noticed.  If you are only going to be in Munich for a short period of time, we cannot guarantee that we will pay attention to you.  The goal of our project is to help artists establish themselves as Munich Artists and to create a city brand for the artists in Munich.

If you are an artist in Munich and you want to be included on our mailing list, please send me your contact details to If you are a collector interested in artists from Munich, you are also welcome to contact me.

Brainstorming Center

The Friday Gallery at Frauenstrasse 18 is our headquarters. It is in the inner courtyard so hidden away from the bustle of downtown.  This is where we showcase unrepresented artists artwork and work on a daily basis.

For the Munich Artists project, I consider myself an artist curator.   I do sell art but my focus is on strengthening an artist’s portfolio and building the Munich Artists brand.

Munich Artists represent individual artists during a specific projects but do not tie them into any long term contract.  We are willing to help you find an artist, organise artists for events or collaborate on ideas.  Just contact me at with more information or to schedule a meeting.

Prismed Zeitgeist 

I believe in a prismed Zeitgeist so the Munich Artists project is my way of seeing how this idea functions in a European culture. Munich is a city where 25% of the population is not German.  This large community offers me a selection of artists who are seeing the German zeitgeist from an outsider point of view.  We will be organizing exhibitions based on this idea and encouraging artists to reflect on their cultural background in relation to the viewer of their artwork and how the artwork is perceived in different cultures.

Art in the Park

We partnered with the city of Munich and Kunst in Sendling to test out our idea of “Art in the Park.”  The program was a great success so we will be working to create a larger event.  If you are an artist who also teaches workshops, please contact me.   For this project, we only work with artists who believe in participatory art/workshops, sharing the “how it works” with the public and is happy dealing with hundreds of people who are not artists.


  1. What’s up munich artists ? hope this message finds you well. I am Moayad Hakim . Artist from Saudi Arabia. I am coming to Munich after 2 days with my wife and 2 daughters as a vacation. And I would like to meet you ( artist to artist ) to share the love of art. I did lots of art workshops. And i have my own style which i don’t mind to share it with everyone.

    Instagram = @moayad_hakim_artist #moayad_hakim
    Facebook = Moayad Hakim Artist ..

    Wish you all the best. With best regards from Saudi Arabia.


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