emmy horstkamp - tor into my head
Tor into my head by Emmy Horstkamp – Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

Hi I’m Emmy Horstkamp and I’m happy that you found our website. Dr. Holger Kern and I started munichartists.com  in 2013 and we have been happily growing our art brand so that artists can meet each other and we can experiment with what works in Munich when it comes to art.

I have to remind people that Munich Artists is not an art group in a traditional German way. We are not an association nor do we make any promises to the artists who decide to join us.

Initially, we showcased artwork in a weekly online gallery and on our Facebook page.  The photo gallery was open to all Munich Artists but after awhile we realised that we needed to hunt down artists and share their work.

In 2014, we decided to start exhibiting artwork offline through the Friday Gallery.   The first offline organised event was held at Stroke 2014.  We chose artists who were urbanish and organized them to show at the event.   The artists Brigitte Pruchnow, Michaela Wuehr, Jenny Schminke, Emmy Horstkamp and Konstantin Ruechardt.

After the art fair, we started exhibiting artwork at the Friday Gallery and exhibited artwork by various Munich Artists through 2015.  Our exhibition goal was to give talented artists an opportunity to showcase their work and have their first solo show.  We chose artists who helped us through 2014 so the initial presentation was a bit eclectic but all artists were talented and we were happy to give them the opportunity.

In 2016, we focused on installation art pieces at the Friday gallery and at the MA window at Odeonsplatz.


When we are not creating artwork or organising artists for events and exhibitions, we ask artists to collaborate together to create artwork for the pure joy of sharing and being creative. Our first creative event was an art installation for a gallery in Neuhausen.   A group of Munich artists created an installation destroying old artwork to create a new art piece which correlated with what was happening in the gallery space. (the gallery was being renovated). Currently the artists are finishing a sketchbook for the Sketchbook library in Brooklyn.

When the artists are not creating their own artwork or creating collaborative projects, we sometimes are able to get them to teach workshops or complete a challenge.  If you want to see the full list of finished challenges and projects, you can check out our projects page.

Our newsletter  shares information about some art idea tickling Emmy’s brain, art exhibitions and information about artists.  We try and give new information before it is posted on the site but lately, things have just gone to the site.  We will work to bring the newsletter back in January so that you can keep track of all the projects and installations we are doing.

We work hard to find talented artists and sometimes we do critique art because I want Munich to be a serious art city.  This change in our policy of being nice and keeping quiet is to help raise the bar of art in Munich.  We want as much art as possible and we will cheer on any art group making exceptional art.

If you are interested in getting involved with Munich artists, just email emmy@kyfio.com  We are always looking for cool art in Munich, interesting people & collectors interested in getting to know the artists in Munich.

If you would like to know more about the founders, you can find Holger on Linkedin and Emmy at her personal website or her Gallery website.

We have a gallery/Studio space in the center of the city of Munich. If you want to stop by, we can meet by appointment.