I am Buddhist but was raised catholic so this lent challenge is for all religions or non-religious people, it is called the lent challenge because it runs over lent.  Many of these challenges require doing an activity so you will be doing the activity and then sharing the image of what you created a DAY LATER.  so you start the activity today and will continue posting until Easter Sunday.

For the next forty days 46 days

Pre-Challenge.  Thank you for doing this with me.

  1. Comfort.  You will do one thing that brings you comfort.
  2. Possession.  Share something you value that you are willing to give away today to a stranger.   
  3. Entertainment.  What form of entertainment do you find adds value to your life.  Spend some time today doing it.
  4. People.  One person who makes your day better. Thank them for being in your life.
  5. Communication.  A Note to someone you don’t know to make their day better—piece of art will also do.
  6. Candles.  Light a candle that smells good.  Appreciate light and what it allows us to accomplish.
  7. Water.  Drink a glass of water. Appreciate the glass and the luxury of clean drinking water.
  8. Mirror.  Look at yourself in the mirror today and pick one thing you like about yourself.  Focus all day on how great it is to have that one thing, talent, physical trait, opinion.
  9. Hello.  Say hello and smile at three people today. If you are at home and not wandering around, get on Facebook and message Hello to three friends in Facebook with a smiley icon.
  10. Friendship.   Thank a friend who has been there for you during a low part of your life.  Let them know you will be there for them when they need you. Remind them of this and tell them what they need to do.  (Call, email, write, visit.)
  11. Warmth.  Snuggle in a blanket.  Invite your pet, your family or a good book to join you.
  12. Independence.  It is all you.  You are the sovereign state of you.  Make your own flag today and put it on your Facebook Profile photo.  Be proud to be you.
  13. Vanity.  You are human.  Keep vanity in check. Today draw a peacock feather or a peacock to symbolise vanity and remember that you are great but not immortal.
  14. Hurry and wait. Today you will go someplace 30 minutes early and people watch.  Watch people arriving. Enjoy the process of just being there and not being in a rush.
  15. Dream.  Ask to remember your dreams.  Make a little note to remember your dreams.  If you remember your dreams, create something based on a dream.
  16. Noise. Do not add any noise into your life today. Wear ear plugs when you walk around. See what it is like to live in a world of silence.  Do you miss it?  Draw or share an image created with the absence of sound.
  17. Shoes.  Clean all of your shoes.  Look at them closely.  If they are worn out fix them or throw them away.  Your shoes support your whole body.  Take care of them and they will help take care of you.  Share an image with us.
  18. Wallet.  Clean out your wallet.  Remove everything that does not belong or cherish.  If you carry a bag, you can extend this to your bag.  Draw/photograph what you throw away.
  19. To do list.  Pick one thing and finish it today. Do it and create an image to share it with us. (Can’t be this challenge.)
  20. Apple.  Eat an apple today.  Share an image of an apple eaten.
  21. Snack.  Make a bento box snack.  Be creative with the rice.   Share an image that is Japanese inspired or of your box.
  22. Chocolate.  Draw chocolate, or the beans that make chocolate or a cup of chocolate.  If you are near a chocolate shop, go in and take a deep breath and enjoy the smell.
  23. Pen.  Go through your pens and throw away any pens that are leaking or that are dried up.  Make sure that when you grab a pen it works.  This will save you time and keep you in the flow.
  24. Hunger.  Do you know what it really feels like to be hungry? Fast for one day.  If you feel like eating food, take a photo of what you want to eat and make a collage of it at the end of the day.  Write down how it felt not to eat what you wanted. Why you wanted to eat it.  What you did instead of eating it.
  25. Stairs.  Walk backwards up a flight of stairs using the handrail or letting someone else guide you up.  How does that make you feel both emotionally and physically? Create an image representing this feeling or view.
  26. Chores.  Do someone else’s chore. If you live alone, do one chore you dread doing and thank the universe you can do it without assistance.
  27. Read a random page from a book that you have on your book shelf that you have not read. (We all have one.)
  28. Write a diary page.  Then cover it with a thin layer of gesso and draw over it how it feels now that you wrote down that personal information.
  29. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.  How does it taste? Show how it tastes in an image.
  30. Hug a tree.  I have a neighbour is constantly doing this.  How does it feel to hug a tree? Are you embarrassed?  Are you happy?  Thank the tree for the air it creates.  Leave it a little gift.
  31. Walk over a bridge.  Look down at the traffic.  Take a photo or remember how it looks as the cars whizz by.  Thank the universe that you have the time to watch cars whizzing by.
  32. Do you have one special skill?   Make coupons and share the coupon with your friends so that when they need help with that one thing, they can redeem their coupon. (Maybe they will also make coupons?  Maybe we can all make coupons for each other.)
  33. What is your favourite piece of artwork?  Make a stamp sized replica and send it to a friend.
  34. Write down everything that happens to you today.   At the end of the day, write I am grateful for each thing that happened and find a positive reason why each event will help you tomorrow.
  35. Traditions.  Create a tradition for your family for the day of the week today is.  Add this tradition to your family life.  It can be a weekly or yearly tradition (Make up your own holiday or weekly family event.)
  36. Take Deep breaths.  Breathing helps clear toxins from your body.  With each breath declare that you are bringing in positive energy and releasing toxins.  Do this next to a tree.  Trees won’t mind.
  37. Sit on a public bench.  Close your eyes. Listen to what is around you.  What do you hear? What do you feel?
  38. Visit your favourite place in your house and clean it.
  39. Create a little pillow.  This pillow will go near your bed (under the bed or next to the bed. It will be where you put your problems to rest when you to bed. Let the universe help you.  You can make the pillow out of whatever material you want. It just needs to be soft.  It also does not have to be big.  It can be a tiny little pillow or it can be a big huge pillow.  My pillow will be small and made out of linen.
  40. Memories.  Today dig through your memories and remember 10 that make you happy. One for each finger. Visualise this in some way.
  41. Make a book called gift book.  You will use this to record the gifts given to you and take photos or draw gifts you decide not to keep, that wear out or that are temporary like flowers or food.
  42. Look at your front door.  Add a small sign to your front door letting people know something about you and your family’s personality.
  43. Desk.  Clear off your desk.  You can put everything into a box to sort later.  Just leave the desk empty for today and create on an empty desk.
  44. Make your bed. If you always make your bed.  Take extra special care today and put some lavender under the pillows and a chocolate on top (like at a hotel. Make sure the chocolate is wrapped.)
  45. Time.  Make sure all the clocks in your house have the correct time or, are five minutes early.
  46. Hug everyone doing the challenge.  Today, we will try hugging everyone.  At 1710 European time, we close our eyes and visualise ourselves hugging everyone who is creative and doing this challenge.  Hold out your arms, close your eyes and share a group universal hug.  Then, draw a circle, circles any way you want.