This year, I turned to an action house and asked if I could photograph the Auction location as an inspiration for artists from Munich. The lady at the auction house sighed and said, “We only sell very well-known artists, I do not want that Munich artists come to our house with their art.”

Art collector should have this in mind. An art collection of emerging new regional or art is for an auction house as long as no interest, until the artist has sold in smaller auctions and its “brand” is strong enough to attract buyers. After most artists do not control where to sell their works of art, collectors should keep up on secondary markets or auction an eye “her” artist.

An artist, which one easily finds at auctions, Martin Potsch is. Martin, a Munich painter, sold for more than 8 months small oil paintings on eBay. At a sale of up to 5 paintings per week collectors can see the current price of Martins paintings and find the price of the works of art that have been resold on the same website.

The idea of ​​making this way a documentation of art for collectors online sales visible, I find great. For artists and collectors, it is useful to publish this information, so that the value of her art and brand can establish in traditional art galleries. Therefore, I have a group of Munich artists asked if they do not want to try Martins achievement imitate an online documentation of the art sales Munich artists build.

We will publish the artworks by artists of our gallery on Friday and keep you informed of the results. Further information about the sale and the list of participating artists will be published in an upcoming newsletter.

Should you be interested in more detailed information on these auctions, I ask you for an e-mail to at and I’ll put you on the distributor to the “Auction Results”.