Munich Artists in London 2019

Lets play catch up in the worst kind of way.

I moved to London and shed a layer of art skin.  My delicate new art body was fragile and unable to deal with social media, email or anything having to do with Munich, Germany or a world going to Hell so I focused on my art practice, creating art and writing about things which were not art related.

My relocation to London means that Munich Artists is now shifting to London and will be London Artists.  There are also some other changes which are to your advantage as a reader or artist in Munich, Germany.

  1. The two websites will be focusing on articles about artists, exhibitions and art-related events.  Even with the long break, we have visitors to the Munich Artists website.
  2. Munich Artists will focus on Munich based artists but if you are exhibiting in London we will write about you on both websites.  I am not physically in Munich so if you have an event, you will have to share the photographs or I can’t prove that it actually happened and Storey Tarris cannot write about it. (She is a London based creative.)
  3. I will still write about you but there has to be some link to London as I will be focusing my endeavors in London on London so I can happily create artwork, meet artists and focus on Trefuly. 

This cross over the channel means that Munich Artists will now be curated by and Storey Tarris.

The new website, London Artists will be focusing on London and we will be writing about London. If you have some kind of event in London proper, I will attend but I will not travel around the UK looking for you unless by accident or an art jewelry expo…  This part of my life has not changed – I travel under duress.

The Munich Artists website is now curated by Storey Tarris.  Storey does not organize anything nor does she have anything to do with past projects.  She does know there are a few cards laying around in someone’s storage shed and a few installation pieces that need to find their way home.  I apologize for this. Eventually, they will find their way into the right hands.  I have no access to anything at the moment. They are hidden in a vault somewhere safe.

That out of the way, I can make it up to those specific artists with a feature article perhaps or a few days on my couch or you can pitch a tent on the fake grass in my backyard. I will not charge you for the space but you have a limit of two days under the London stars.



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