Munich Stories 2017 – Let’s Start Creating

Hello Everyone!  Because of some Admin issues, we are going to be changing the concept of Munich Stories from random words to a novella, book or text created in Munich, Germany as the jumping off point for the stories that are created.

The book chosen for this year is a text written in Munich by me. Here is a link to the Kindle version of the text and the print version.   I will be hunting for Munich books to use for next year and you are welcome to submit manuscripts to me for review starting in November 2018.

With this change in the Munich Stories format,  we are allowing artists to submit collaborative stories (Artist/Illustrator) or to submit a story to be offered up to Munich Artists to illustrate.  The stories will be posted on Munich Artists and Artists will be allowed to create artwork to match the stories.   The writer of each specific piece will be allowed to pick the art piece they feel resonates best with their story.

All final works will be published on on a gallery page and we will select specific stories to be published in an art book to be printed at the end of this year.

This year’s text is to be used as a jumping off point for creatives.  You are allowed to go in any direction you want with your fictional pieces.  The final book will be curated by Munich Artists to share unique viewpoints based on the ideas offered in the text. Selected art pieces will be exhibited during at an exhibition at the Kunst in Sendling Open Studios main exhibition space in October 2017.

Selected art pieces will be exhibited during at an exhibition at the Kunst in Sendling Open Studios main exhibition space in October 2017.

Here are the topics to be explored in your stories:

  • Religion is man made
  • Walk ins
  • Space Colonization and Human Souls
  • Your thoughts Streaming
  • Soul’s To Do list
  • How Wishes are Handled by the Universe.
  • Soul Reincarnation
  • Regional Reincarnation Center
  • The Soul Waiting Room
  • Birth of a Human is not Birth of a Soul
  • Soul Imprint
  • life cycle and Relationships.
  • Universal laws
  • Petition to the Universe
  • Words are a Gift and a Weapon
  • Science and the protection of Humanity
  • Time for Reflection
  • Soul Family Diversity
  • Helping Humanity
  • Guardian of Humanity
  • Soul Demotion
  • Kill and be demoted
  • The Life Cycle
  • Prophets and Psychics
  • Race and Gender equality
  • Life Purpose
  • Evolution not Revolution
  • Pregnancy Birth and the Soul
  • Disruption between the soul and the human being
  • Failing at Being Human
  • Walk Outs
  • Death Energy
  • Animal Imprint
  • Soul Demotion
  • Devil at the Recycle Center
  • Steward for the Universe



All artwork must be submitted as two files, one high resolution for printing at 300dpi to be printed as an A5.   I will also need a web-ready version of the file 1200 pixels wide Maximum.   The files may be submitted to . Subject line Munich Stories 2017—topic chosen—you Title.

If you base your art on a story that has been written, please add the name of the writer and the name of their story.


All stories must be between 1k and  1500 words and submitted as a PDF to with the subject line Munich Stories 2017-Topic chosen- Your title

NOTE:  Works can be by one artist. If you are an illustrator/writer go to town and create something interesting for me.  I will also accept Illustration and photography but since I am a photographer, the photography has to be super good and tell a story. No abstract photography.

The Content of Stories submitted:

Your fictional pieces are fictional. You have full control in what direction you go with your story.  You must create a title for your artwork and reference in your submission which of the above topics you are addressing with your text.

I will be out of the country for several weeks this summer so will be unavailable to chat on Social Media but I will be checking my emails daily to scoop up stories and put stories/artwork on Facebook and the website when they become available.

The maximum number of stories and artwork that may be submitted is 8.  There is no minimum.

I hope you have fun with this project and I look forward to seeing your artwork and reading your stories.

Deadline for Submissions:  August 31, 2017


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