Sophie Scholl – Munich White Rose Project -Help People Remember her Bravery.


Today, a small comment on my social media feed made me sad.  The sadness came from the fact that a man posted a reminder of this woman’s death and I did not know what he was talking about.  The sadness came from the fact that a very brave woman is remembered in a memorial in Munich but not in the everyday lives of the children and people wandering around the city of Munich.

Sophie Scholl is honoured in Munich for her bravery in a quiet way but we do not live in a quiet world and we do not live in a world that speaks German. These barriers are what need to be crossed to make sure that Sophie Scholl joins Anne Frank as an emblem of bravery for the English speaking world.

Sophie Scholl was beheaded on February 22.  She was brave intellectual working to spread information—the truth in Germany at a time when truth was arbitrary.

This young woman used her intelligence to make a difference. She looked at her situation and found a way to fight against the Nazi haze.  She was a gust blowing in clarity and she must be remembered.

Each of you is on this earth to make a difference.  You do not have to be a feminist, a woman or a German to admire the strength of this woman or to step out of your cage and help others to make this world better.

Our world needs men and women willing to stand up for what they believe and to plant their feet firmly on the ground.  Men and women must use not only their voices but their intelligence, strength, empathy, bravery, sympathy and financial clout to steer change in the right direction.  Men are used to doing this.  Women must take hold of their power and do the same.

We must change how we remember Sophie Scholl and how we deal with the consequences of staying on the sidelines for decades. The world is the way it is now because we let it become this way.

You cannot complain about how our society evolved when you and the generations before you did not actively work to make the world a better place.  The world is what you allowed it to become.

From today forward be braver and follow your ideologies.  If you do not have any, pick up a book and start creating some.

Next year and in the years to follow,  I would like to make sure that Feb 22 is remembered in a more American way.  I want it to be a little louder. I want social media to be plastered with Sophie Scholl and I want stories of bravery to be shared and written and remembered.   I want songs to be sung.  I want the echo of her bravery to awaken this trait in others.

Brave women existed, exist and will exist. Let us encourage them to make this world happier and safer and freer by supporting those men and women willing to stand up for their ideologies and sacrifice their lives for our souls.

Put Feb 22nd in your calendar and start creating so that we can share and strengthen the memory of Sophie scholl.

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