Studios for Rent in Munich, Germany

Hello my lovelies! I know. I post once a week and then I post twice in one day.  Forgive me for multiposting but this information needs to be shared with you and I am motivated to blog so here you go.


The city of Munich posts spaces that are for rent. If you are looking for a studio space in Munich, these spaces may interest you.

For the spaces below, PLEASE CONTACT THE CITY OF MUNICH.  Here are the contact details:  Mrs. Gericke, Mr Kowarik-Strömer or Mr Sollmann @

 1. The studios Unholzer will be extended to March 2018. This is great news if you were there and did not already move away. They seem to have a few spaces available.

Here are the sizes starting from FEB:  (no live-in studios).

– 19 square meters at 325 €

– 21 square meters to € 395

– 41 square meters at 650 €

– 90 square meters of storage space (divisible) to 700 €.

All prices include heating, electricity, communal kitchen, toilets and Internet.

Visit Studios by appointment. Feldmochinger Strasse 7, 80992 München


Konstantin Landuris – 0177-7351260  or

Alexander Deubl – 0170-2017650

2. Property number 201 7 0 1 0 2 

Place in a group studio for a sculptor. – Overall size of the studio about 70 square meters, 3 rooms with hall.

You get to be involved with Kunst in Sendling and tools are available if you are a sculptor.  The community has been in existence for more than 1x which is good.  Sendling is an awesome place to have a studio.  (I love Sendling and advocate all artists move over here or downtown next to my studio on Frauenstrasse or over by Ostbahnhof.)

3. Property number 201 7 0 1 0 3  

Small office in office space –

Charming office rooms in office space, old building, city location

– 12m²

– € 335 including tax and VAT.. (Not a bad price)

additional information and photos are available through the CITY.  Contact the city for more information.

4. Property number 201 7 0 1 0 4  

Office / Studio and storage —Space by with flair –

3 backyard premises with flair near Isartor, total 220m²

– 1 room 75 square meters for 15 € net per m² cold

– 1 room 75 square meters for 15 € net per m² cold

– 1 cellar / storage room 70 square meters for 10 € net per m² cold

– Additional costs about 2 to 2.50 € per sqm

– 1 parking space in the backyard

– Not suitable for use with high traffic (High traffic means what?  Isartor is a great place to have a studio. I love working downtown.)

5. Property number 201 7 0 1 0 5  

Office space, subtenant for new rental – The office is located in Schwabing.

– Approx 60-70m² + use of Gemeinschaftstflächen

– 20 € per m² including utilities..

We are looking for companies that are active in the creative field.


If you are interested in one of the properties, contact as soon as possible Mrs. Gericke, Mr Kowarik-Strömer or Mr Sollmann directly at

This information is brought to you by:

Anne Gericke – Peter Kowarik-Strömer – Frank Sollmann  at and their Kreativ section.


Good luck Studio hunting!

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