Making a Book with SpunkHaus

Munich Artists love to learn new things and last week we learned how to make a handmade sketchbook with Spunkhaus.

Lets Make a Handmade Sketchbook
A pretty little instruction manual that I forgot but I did not forget my book!

First gather the supplies you want to use.

  • Elastic for the closure
  • Band for the back spine
  • Fabric for the cover
  • Wax covered thread for stitching


After you pick your supplies you will crease your paper. She said you can use a credit card, but you could also use a creasing machine if you have the gadget handy.img_1089

After you crease all your books, you will bind them together with bands or put them in a vice and then mark the edges and use the little saw you see in the photo below to cut marks in the pages. This is where your needle will go through for stitching. You can also use a little stabby (technical term) thing you can buy at the art store.


You will then start stitching!  Very exciting.  You need to stitch your fabric bands to the back. One woman forgot to keep the band loose and stitched it into the book. It was kind of a mess SO take your time and make sure the bands stay on the outside so they will be supporting the spine of your book.


Here I go. First three booklets stitched together.  I was thinking this might be a good way for us to combine our monthly challenge sketchbooks for next year!  What do you think?


Here I’m finishing off the stitching of my booklets together.


Cutting the Fabric for my book covers.


Gluing the cardboard onto my book cover fabric.


Using double sided tape to secure the edges.


Being careful to get a hard edge for the book cover.


Cutting the corners of the book cover so they lay flat.


The loudest part of the process.  Hammering the holes for the eyelets. Mine are a tad crooked but for my first book, I’m ok with that. I will do a bitter job measuring for the second book.

Smashing holes with a hammer on Friday night.  Munich Artists Gone wild.
F@#ck They are crooked!
Feel a little better once the elastic strap is in place.
Putting the rubber bands around the book so that it stays firmly together while the glue dries. I really like how the stitching looks. Ling said this was one of the easiest stitches.
We put little pieces of paper between the book cover and the first pages so that they did not stick together.

Tada. That was making a book with Ling (Originally from Malaysia)

Here is What Ling looks like. I forgot to take a photo of her I was so busy making my book. She looks exactly like this and she has the greatest accent. Made me feel like I was back in Singapore.

Ling does all kinds of workshops and she is always looking for artists who want to work with her in creating a workshop.  Her space is absolutely lovely and I enjoyed being there on a Friday evening. Ling speaks German and English but the course is taught in German. Ling will talk to you in English if your German sucks or Malay if you happen to know her mother tongue.

I really enjoyed creating the book and I will probably use this method for the Munich Artists sketchbook Challenge

If you forgot, we are doing a sketchbook challenge for Munich Artists starting on January 1, 2016. The sketchbook challenge will go for 365 days!  Each month will be divided up into 7, 14 or 30 day challenges  so you can pop in and out of the challenge year without feeling stressed at not finishing the 365 day challenge.

If you want to buy a book and not make one. Ling has them for sale under 30 Euro.



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