Stephanie Kahnau – Textile Designer – A/K/A Creative Dynamo

Today as I was going about delivering Munich Stories books,  I walked by a Kreativ Muenchen sponsored space and decided to walk in.

The space is called Ruffini’s Local Design Popup shop and is located  at Sendlingerstr. 1 (Rindermarkt).  The Rindermarkt building will be remodeled soon so the leases in the stores are limited to one year.


There are 20 designers in the store but Stephanie Kahnau is the only designer creating jewellery (the reason I walked into the store.)   Stephanie happened to be in the store when I visited and she declared that she was a textile designer working mostly with screen printed designs that she draws by hand.


Some of her screen printed designs can be found on her jewellery.

In addition to screen printing designs on textiles and jewellery, Stephanie also designs a collection of clothes which are on display at the popup shop. (She sews everything herself.)

If you would like to see her clothing line, you will need to stop by and say hello to whatever designer is hanging out there when you find your way downtown. I just happened to walk in on a day when Stephanie was working.  If you would like to see more of Stephanie’s work, visit her website.


The store hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 1100 to 1900.

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