Free Art Fridays In Munich

I try things in Munich and then when I find myself doing things alone or only with Katrin Klug, then we just kind of putter out after awhile because we love doing things together but with projects like Free Art Friday, the point is to have lots of artists, not just two.

This year, I was putting out photos for Free Art Friday, and then my mother had her stroke, and I took some time off and then I found out that I was the only cheerleader in Munich and that just kind of sucked so I took an even longer vacation from encouraging artists and that long break confirmed that it did not seem to matter to most artists, so I wondered what was the point of working so hard to create something in Munich. (Examining your life happens when dramatic life changes occur.)

Because I was feeling this way, I focused on finishing my current art projects, tried not freaking out about my mother’s 4k a month medical bill, took a step back to see how many projects were not in line with my passions and started steering Munich Artists in a direction that fit with my life circumstances and the new strain to my pocketbook.

It is now November, and I am almost done with this year’s projects, and I thought I would spend the next two months isolating myself so I could focus on writing but, an email showed up in my mailbox yesterday that made me think about Free Art Fridays.


Kimi Te found this Free Art Friday Gift.


The email was from Kimi Te  who was in Munich for Jewellery week and found one of my photographs.  I know that a few Munich Artists have found my work around the city and that a few Mingas have my work but it was nice to see that someone living in Italy has a photograph of mine from the Free Art Friday project.

Getting this email made me smile.  I enjoy giving small gifts of artwork so I decided to do a Free Art Advents Calendar 2016.

This is not a formal Munich Artists Project.   I want to focus on writing two books during November/December so I will spend no time organizing artists for collaborations. Instead, you can contribute by dropping off artwork on a hook on the board on the day you want to share it. (Lots of ons in that sentence.)

This is a drop off and share good karma kind of project.  Each day I will have my artwork as a present on the Advent’s board and I would love for you to add yours.

The advents calendar will be outside our Frauenstrasse 18 studio.  I am there from 1000 to 1500  M,T,Th, Fr so if you want the art piece but don’t want to interact with me, you can show up after 1500 and before the front doors closes at 1900 to see if there is some artwork is left. I will keep you informed on Facebook when art pieces are picked up.

I will keep you informed on Facebook and Instagram when art pieces are picked up and whether there is artwork still to be picked up before I leave the studio.

I will post a photo of the board next week so you can see my Munich Artists Advents Calendar that will holding the parcels.

If you are an artist and you want to put a present on the board hooks feel free to stop by and add one. Please make sure the present is wrapped securely in plastic so that it doesn’t get wet and that it can hang from a hook. I will leave presents on the board until they are taken and I will be posting each wrapped present on Facebook so our Facebook fans can have a first crack at getting the packages left by Munich Artists.

Thank you Kim Te for reminding me that the little things are cherished as much as the big. This advent calendar is a nice compromise for me since I canceled the art swap.


If you are near the Munich Readery tonight, stop by and say hello. We are celebrating the launch of the Munich Stories 2016 book tonight starting at 1900. There is a limited amount of seating so come early. We may be doing a second book reading in December/January depending on how many people want one.  We will be publishing a Kindle/ibooks version of the book once the hard copy is back from the printer (We had them, sent them back and are waiting for the reprint.)





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