Startupstore n’Stories – Munich Popup Store

For two weeks, we will have our Munich Artists Playing Cards for sale at Maximilianstrasse 33 a Kreativ Muenchen sponsored space.  The store is filled with products created by Munich-based creatives who raised funds through crowdfunding projects.


I’m the one with the pink scarf.  The woman in the jean coat is Dian Fluegel the popup store organizer.

Most of the businesses are not art related but don’t hold that against them.  As you know, businesses need artists so pay close attention to the companies above and maybe you will find yourself wanting to do something with them in the future.

Part of the crowdfunding process is presenting a story through a video.  Here are two of the videos from the startups at the store.

3 Bears


After we set up our display, the shop did a bit of rearranging so below is the new display.  Unfortunately, you don’t get to see so many of the cards. I may have to do a bit of rearranging on Sunday when I’m there from 1500 to 2200 (Come Visit Me!!!!)

Munich Artists playing Cards at the Popupstore at Maximilanstrasse 33.

Below are some images of the other products available at the store.  So hard to pick a favorite since they are all pretty cool.  I do know that the least expensive project is the porridge.  I will be buying apron created by asylum seekers (they are in the same area as those colorful bags below and are perfect if you need something to protect your clothes while creating art.)

FYI:   The Munich Artists Playing Cards were in the Merkur thanks to startupstore n’stories.  Here is the image from the paper:


Screenshot 2016-11-02 21.59.17.jpg
so funny that we have the same colour scheme as the toothbrushes.  Elizabeth Hughes and Angela Smets are the top two cards. I can even tell in this tiny picture!


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