Haeppy Art Day I – October 22, 2016

Raiko Schwalbe and Iva Vasileva have been working hard to put together a new art fair focused on selling artwork under 400 Euro. Yesterday was the first day of the first time for Haeppy art and it was a happy surprise.

Because Munich Artists loves opportunities for artists to sell their work and earn a bit of cash, we happily joined the fair to sell our Munich Artists Playing Cards and encouraged Munich Artists to join in and see if Haeppy Art could make Munich shoppers happy.

Want to know who is at the fair?  We listed the artists showing work at the fair in this post.

I can tell you that there is an amazing selection of smaller artworks to choose from.  The artwork ranges from abstracts to photography with a mix of sculptures and mixed media.

There isn’t one dominate style and all the artists are having a great time putting their work up for sale.

This is not a curated art fair but the artists did a great job curating themselves.( I am always proud that you know what not to show.)  On the two floors of the Praterinsel, there are hundreds of smaller artworks from some very talented artists with a little bit of everything.  One of the great things about yesterday was seeing so many people with bags and paintings leaving the venue.  We always love seeing artists sell their work and the vibe was exactly what Munich Artists loves – Collaborative and fun. If you come today to see the artwork, you will enjoy exploring what is being created in Munich/Bavaria and maybe find a wonderful Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Here are a few photos from day 1:

Haeppy Art 216 – Eva  Bischof-Kaupp
Haeppy Art 2016 – This is our section of the fair.  The playing cards are to my left.
Haeppy Art 2016 – Munich Artists Playing Cards (We have posters of some of the playing card artwork.)
Haeppy Art 2016 – Martina Hamrik – I like this man sculpture.
Haeppy Art 2016 – Nina Schmid – We love Nina’s hand painted animal series. HAND PAINTED… not a print for under 400 Euro.  I also love the Dragon fly in the white frame.
Haeppy Art 2016 – Andrea Senyk
Haeppy Art 2016 – Rainer Schmitten Linocut (25 Euro)
Haeppy Art 2016 – Rainer Schmitten with is ink abstracts
Haeppy Art 2016 – Brigitte hoppstock
Haeppy Art 2016 – Brigitte Hoppstock hanging Bobbie Dunn’s Artwork

Today, I will go take more photographs of the art fences.  I need another camera because my iphone can’t handle the lighting in the building so if I snapped a photo of you yesterday, I will be back today to take another photo at 1200. No talking today just snapping so I can document the first art fair and all your fab work.

If someone has the desire, I would love a small video.  I have to man the playing cards so I don’t know if I will take enough footage to make a video.

Happy Sunday and I hope to see you there. Remember, if you can’t make it to Haeppy Art, our Munich Artists Playing Cards are available at Trefubox.co

PS:  The main photo is the back of Maximilian Lueckenhaus’s artwork.  I wanted you to see how artists were hanging their work on these fences.  I will take another photo of the front with a different camera.  The photos I took yesterday were too dark, dark, dark.


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