Long Night of the Museum a/k/a Die Lange Nacht der Muencher Museen is October 15, 2016

Don’t forget!   Munich Artists has an installation at Goethestr. 53.  We are showing the white masks created by Munich Artists for the My True Self Happening in July 2016.


Here is a photo from the filming at the escalators at Odeonsplatz:


Munich Artists involved with the My True Self Installation


The artists who created  masks and attended the event are:

  • Dorothea Grimme
  • Katrin Klug
  • Brigitte Hoppstock
  • Allun Turner
  • Gabriela Popp
  • Ines Seidel
  • Verena Friedrich (Marie is in the photo)
  • Christian Sylis
  • Angelica Zeller Michaelson
  • Emmy Horstkamp

(A few artists created masks but were unable to attend for the video shoot and two artists showed up who did not create masks but helped us wear masks.)

For LNDMM, The white masks are displayed as part of the “My True Self” Installation. I originally planned to pile the masks on the floor underneath the video screen but, now, I have them inside a case like this:


I altered my original concept. This happens.  The space where I’m showing the piece does not have WIFI so my idea to have people share images on Instagram does not function.   I changed the concept so that the people look into a mirror and can snap a photo of themselves.  I have the masks on display next to the mirror. They are what a mirror absorbed.  I have a little blurb about the concept and will share that on my art page.

When the artists and I met in July, I took some great video but I will not use it tomorrow. I decided the video detracted from the two other pieces and I wanted people to enjoy looking at the masks and taking photos of themselves in the mirror.  I will use the video in another version of the My True Self installation which uses 3/4 mirrors instead of just two.

The present installation uses masks from the artists (You can see them holding their masks in the photo above.)  The artists will be getting their masks back after the event so this really cool piece above will only exist until tomorrow unless they let me keep it together.

I will share some images of the completed installation on our Instagram feed tomorrow.

If you walk by Goethestrasse 53 tomorrow  take a video or photo of the outside video display.  I created it and want it shared as much as possible.  If you share it on Instagram, please add  @munichartists so that I see it!


The Munich Artists involved in the My True Self project  did not know that the masks would be in the Long Night of the Museum as an Installation.  I did not have the acceptance email until after the event and I did not tell them that I submitted the idea to an open call for artwork because I don’t like to get people’s hopes up.  I feel artists have enough disappointment that I don’t want to add to the pile.

With that said, I hope that you will join us on Sunday at Einstein Kultur to build the card sculpture.  I will be video recording your work on the sculpture with a laptop cam to document the construction.   I have no clue what I will do with the video footage yet.  I may write a story about it or use it as a basis for a story that we can show at a later date but it is at this point, just documenting the construction of our card sculpture.

We  meet at Einstein Kultur from 1300 to 1800.   We get the keys at 1300 so building will start around 1330. At our 500 Artists events, I’m open to listening to ideas and meeting as many of you as possible.   You can ask artists like

At our 500 Artists events, I’m open to listening to ideas and meeting as many of you as possible. It is one of the few times that I’m hanging out at a party.

I remember the artists I meet at our events and when the opportunity arises to share their work or ask artists to collaborate I will first dig down into the Munich Artists trove to find what I need.

Admission to the happening on Sunday  is a deck of Munich Artists Playing Cards which, if you have not already bought a set, can be purchased at the entrance from Holger, my business partner.








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