Munich Artists Launches A Store – Because We have Stuff to Sell

Tis the season.  Starting today, we have a little e-commerce store called TrefuBox to sell our Munich Artists Playing Cards and those little things Oliver Rennen is making for our 500 Artists Play Cards party on Sunday October 16, 2016 from 1300 to 1800 at Einstein Kultur. (You are welcome to join us. You can buy your deck of cards at the entrance 18 Euro including MwSt)



 The store is called TrefuBox.


TrefuBox will have its physical location at the Friday Gallery at Frauenstrasse 18, D-80469.

TrefuBox and the Friday Gallery will be open every Friday from 930 until 1600 starting on November 11, 2016.   I’m willing to dedicate one full day a week to an offline store.  If you want to help run the store, you can let me know and maybe we can add more days.

This is not a salaried position.  At this point we can offer you free coffee and WiFi. (We are going all out with perks.)

If you are a Munich Artist and you have a product that is collaborative (You made it with other artists in the Munich area) and it can be put in a box, you can send me the info. If it fits with what I want,  I will add  it to the store.    We are selling gift sized items and high-end accessories.  So far we have 1 set of Munich Artists Playing cards.  I think I have room for some more products.

What Do I want from Munich Artists?

  • Screenprinted boxes
  • Stationary (in a Box)  We will not be focusing on stationary/paper so everything must be self contained.
  • Books
  • Houseware items (in a box)
  • Textiles
  • hand printed papers

What style do I want?

  • Urban streetartsy work  if you are a street artist. Please do not go down this route if you are not already a street artist. I will know and I will ask around with the artists that I know.
  • Graphic work like the images above.
  • Font fun is also appreciated.  All original text if you decide to create work with Fonts.
  • Street photography from Munich, Germany
  • Textiles. Because I love them.
  • Bags (with cool textiles.) As natural as possible. Leather, textiles. Nothing plastic or upcycled.

Please NOTE:  All work must be your original work.  If you are working digital, the work must be yours.

We will only take work from collaborative groups and individual artists working together for a specific product.

Please remember that we have to take a chunk of the price and that 19 percent tax needs to be included in the price.  Also, all items must be manufactured in Germany.  We are pricing at a premium so that products must be made in Europe with a preference for Germany.  Our cards are printed in Germany but the box is not German and was supplied by the German printing company.  I will not hold it against you if part of your product is not European.


PLEASE NOTE: We will put a Trefubox sticker on all boxes sold in the store.   If you are making a special design, leave a blank area for a barcode TrefuBox sticker. I have a little sticker machine to make these and want to keep the sizing consistent.

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