Kickstarter Extra Treat – A Fifth King.

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The Story of the Fifth King.

During the creation of our playing card art, we had a tiny little issue and found ourselves without any KINGS.   With no time to find a new artist, we asked the Munich Artists involved to submit extra work and 4 artists volunteered to save the day.

A day before sending the work to the printer to get a proof, we were still missing a king. It was crazy – We needed a king and we did not want to be left empty handed if the missing king did not show up by the end of the day – It was a royal pain for the pair of Es (Elizabeth and Emmy).

With a printed image of King Ludwig II,  Munich Artists ran around shooting several different types of photos so that Elizabeth could select an image for the backup king. Elizabeth picked this photograph for our Fifth King and the deck was complete (just in case the missing file did not arrive.)

Mr. Ludwig waiting and waiting but never will he be a card in our deck.
Mr. Ludwig waiting and waiting but never will he be a card in our deck.

Right before the deadline, Ludwig II arrived in our mailbox and Elizabeth quickly inserted him into the deck to send to the printer.

The Orphan King 

After seeing people donate a Euro to our Kickstarter (It was not a gift option.)  I decided that our kickstarter backers could adopt our extra king and make him feel at home on their smart phones or wherever the backer wanted to display the extra King of Spades.

In this King image, not only do you get a king, but you get penguins and a banana and who doesn’t like Penguins and bananas?

The file for this king will be available to all backers who donate to our kickstarter. A link will be sent to you at the end of our campaign.

Because this is my personal artwork, I, Emmy Horstkamp,  give you permission to use him for any personal use and would love if you share with me where you put his majesty.


Today we are at 71%  which is awesome!  Thank you! Thank you Munich Artists Supporters!

Please share our Kickstarter campaign with your friends and family.  The more backers we have, the closer we get to printing our deluxe cards and the more fun we will have on October 16th from 1300 to 1800 at Einstein Kultur. ( You must purchase a card deck to attend the art happening. Go purchase your cards through our kickstarter.)

Here is another image that I took of Ludwig (a gay king) which I thought was funny but did not send to Elizabeth.

Processed with Snapseed.
“He Makes me Crazy!”  photo by Emmy Horstkamp

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