Haeppy Art Fair – A Few Fences Left. Have You Applied to Sell Your Art?

Hello Munich Artists. You know I want you to sell your work but, I  also want you to sell your work and come home with a few dollars in your pocket.

You now have a rare opportunity in Munich to do just that.  Haeppy Art will be offering a fall fair with reasonable booth fees. Now you have the chance to sell your work in Munich at an art fair and maybe come home with some Christmas spending money and perhaps an armful of cool Christmas presents.

Haeppy art is a new creation by Iva Vasileva and Raiko Schwalbe  to of the people who organized Stroke, Stroke ltd and ArtMUC.  For Happy art, the duo have decided to focus on artwork under 400 Euro (FYI  Leave your 2 Meter masterpieces and video art at home.)

The haeppy art fair is barebones.  You will get a space to hang your work for sale but there will be no booth signs, no pretty white walls, no electricity for spotlights and no catalogues and no vernissage party.  There is also no commission and the entrance fee can be discounted from whatever is art/design is purchased.

If you have artwork under 400 Euro, we encourage you to send in your application and apply for the last few pieces of fence that are available – Ten spots are still open so get your application in before the deadline and secure your place in the first ever Haeppy Art Fair.

The art fair will be at the Praterinsel. This is the first year for this fair so there is no guarantee that you will sell your wares but, the price of the fair is low enough that you can try it and see how things go and maybe we can ask the universe to bring Munich shoppers to the island for some big time Christmas gift buying from Haeppy art vendors.

This will be our first art fair since Stroke 2014 so I’m dusting off my art fair shoes to stand and greet you all at my little piece of fence selling Munich Artists playing cards and some of my own personal non digital artwork.

I would love for you to come visit me, say hello, purchase a deck of cards and a collage.  

You will be able to register/pay for our 500 Artists Playing cards and event at our haeppy art booth.

Munich Artists please take not that I will not have a Munich Artists booth.  If you are a Munich Artist and you want to be there, you must apply to Haeppy art directly and secure a space.  I will let everyone know you are there.

What do the spaces look like?  Something like this:

Processed with Snapseed.
The Artists will get one of these fences to use to display artwork.

If you would like more information, please download their Call_for_artists-HÄPPY-ART_2016.

I am not organizing this event. If you have questions, you need to talk to Iva or Raiko.

Have a great weekend!  Guest posts start on Sunday so you will bet an eyeful of Munich Artists artwork everyday for one week.  This is to get you back into the groove of Munich Artists posting cause the summer holiday is over very soon… (sad music…. now!_)



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