Kasitas for Art Studios? Heck Yes!

American innovation in urban planning. Perfect for Art studios or live/work housing where you can own your space.


What do we struggle with as artists in Munich?  We struggle with affordable places to show art (where people can see it) and a space to create artwork.   These little studio homes are 32sqm (prototype is 20sqm)  and offer this really cool window space that could be used as a gallery space.   The prototype is being created by BMW designers so the studios are designed more like cars and, they have all the facilities of a home so artists can live in the spaces too without having to pretend to have another apartment somewhere.

Now, if they could make them connect, it would be big enough for a family and you could buy two of them and then when your kids move out, you could just sell the one you don’t need anymore or, if you sell enough art, you can have one as your house and one…

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