Today I had a great conversation with a Munich Artist by the name of Masha Baur who came to visit Frauenstrasse 18. It was a nice mid afternoon break from LifeLines in Red art production.

Surrounded by lots of wet ink, Masha showed me her current projects and we talked about some of her collaborative work with a writer living in Canada which she called the November project. I loved her November project so much that I asked if we could do it as a Munich Artists project but, in a different month.  Masha agreed to be one of the illustrators for this project which we will be doing in September and calling Munich Stories (or a similar domain name… I have to check what we have.)

The stories and their illustrations will be created from September 15th to October 15th.

Details of this project:

I will be picking 3 writers and 3 artists who will then each pick a writer or an artist they want to work with for the project.  If I ask you to write and you don’t know artists, you can pick one of the 100 Artists Say Hello Artists.  There will be no photographic art in this project.

The artists and writers will each create two pieces of artwork each week for the month for a total of 8 pieces of art.  All the artwork and stories will be combined into a book, and published under our Kyfio UG publishing ISBN. After costs, the involved artists will share 60 percent of the proceeds from the book which we will publish before Christmas.

There will be 30 topics.

Each week, the artist teams will pick two topics.  The artist will create an illustration from the first choice and the writer will write a story based on the second chosen topic.  In the middle of the week, the artist and writer will swap artwork and then create their second piece based on the piece they got from the other artist.

This means you will have 3 days to complete a piece and at the end of the week you will have four completed pieces of art, two visual and two written.

We will be printing this book in an A4 portrait magazine style so artwork must fit this dimension.  The story length is maximum 1500 words.    All participating artists will sign a contract allowing me to publish the book and , if we make any cash off of the artsy book, we will share it 60/40.  Artists together receiving 60 percent, me as the person doing all the backend work gets 40 (well kyfio UG gets 40 percent.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works!

Note: Five more days before we start guest posts. If you sent me one, I am uploading them tomorrow so I will email you with a thank you and tell you the approximate day it will be published. If you do not get an email from me tomorrow, please email me.

Until then,  I may try to write everyday to make up for the  2 week silence…. I have so much information to share… so much and time just slipppppppppps away into LifeLines which is what I thought would happen and why I’m doing the staycation.

Be prepared to create when you get back from VACATION.






Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page or visit me in Munich, Germany

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