“Emmy, what is that art piece at Viktualienmarkt?”

“I don’t know but I want to know  who created that cool piece of art up on the wall!  How did they get it up there? It is official right, that isn’t street art?  What are those round circles made out of? Why is there a new piece of art on the wall downtown? Why only until November?”

See, this is the mind of this Munich Artist.  Something new shows up and my brain starts spinning and asking questions and wanting to know the answers.  For the art piece at Viktualienmarkt, the city helped answer some of the questions by putting out a utilitarian yellow box that screamed official paperwork rather than get your cool artsy info here.

Because I was hunting for information about the art piece and, I’ve lived long enough in Germany, I knew that I needed to read the label on the box and there it was.  The artist’s name was Susanne Wagner and the name of the art piece was Inklusionspunkt.


But, when I looked up Susanne Wagner on the internet, I found a website full of really well made video art and no sculptures.

Was the video artist Susanne Wagner, the sculpture artist Susanne Wagner? I sent her an email to find out and a few days later, I had my answer.  Yes!  Susanne Wagner is a conceptual artist working in video and 3 dimensional objects.

Here are a few examples of Susanne’s Videos:

For Susanne’s video art, she focuses on portraits of herself and other people.  The first video is Susanne, the second video is a video of an abstract artist, and the last video is about a stuntman falling down lots of stairs.

Susanne does not shoot her own videos or throw her own ceramics.  Susanne Wagner hires craftsman to help realise her sculptures and cameramen to shoot her videos.

For the last few years, Susanne has been creating different types of sculptures including a few Alters for Bavarian churches. In my hunt for Susanne Wagner, I found this interview with her which added to my confusion. Was she a religious artists?

Luckily for Munich Artists, Susanne had time to stop by Frauenstrasse 18 for a chat and she explained that she enjoyed making videos but was drawn to making sculptures and commissioned alters (she has made 3).   No matter what idea she is working with, her main focus is conceptual so she does not feel confined to a specific medium.

For Inklusionspunkt, Susanne Wagner worked with a ceramic studio to create circular ceramics that hang in a circular pattern on the wall near Viktualienmarkt.


The art pieces on the wall is temporary and all of the disks are for sale for 290 Euro each on the Inklusionspunkt website.

Because Susanne was paid to create the art piece, she decided that the funds from the sale of the individual ceramic pieces would go to fund Including WG am Kegelhof which is a housing development where young people with disabilities will live with young people without disabilities.

If you have not seen the art piece, you have until November to make your way to Viktualenmarkt 6 to see the disks colouring the wall.

Now, the question is, will they make this firewall a rotating exhibition space with different artwork every year?

If that is not the idea,  I think the public art piece by Susanne Wagner would make an excellent addition to the downtown area and should remain. Maybe people can buy the individual disks and then they just remain on the wall (Like when you buy a star in the sky.)

Susanne was telling me that they can make more disks to sell and raise money for the housing facility.  I thought Susanne Wagner should take her disks around to other cities as a traveling public art piece.  She could make different size circles depending on the space given to her by the host city.  Wouldn’t that be cool? If you have a city with a blank wall that you would like to use to host an Inklusionspunkt, let Susanne Wagner know. You will need to fund the creation of more disks and maybe Susanne’s time to create the new installation to fit your special wall.

I can see Inklusionspunkt being a “thing” can’t you?


Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page www.emmyhorstkamp.com or visit me in Munich, Germany

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