Basel’s Other Art Fairs Part III- I Never Read

A few weeks ago, we went to Miss Read in Berlin.  When I was planning which art book fair to visit, I saw I Never Read Art Book Fair but picked Miss read Art Book Fair because it was in Berlin and I was planning to be in Basel for ArtBasel so did not want to go to Basel twice but, when I was at Miss Read, one of the publishers in Berlin told me that I Never Read was happening the same weekend as Art Basel so I lucked out and got to visit both art book fairs.

Arriving on the Tram,  I found it amusing that the sign for the fair was almost as big as the fair itself and I liked the optimism  of the event organisers. The signs for I Never Read were professionally done and easy to read. I’m not sure this point was important at an art book fair but the organisers made sure that the people passing by could see their English sign. (The Swiss people speak Italian, Swiss German and French… English is not one of their Native Languages.)

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2122

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2123art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2120

This art book fair is smaller than Miss Read in Berlin. The I Never Read Art Book fair was in a large exhibition room the size of an American basketball court or the main Hall of the Haus der Kunst, which was once used as a basketball court by the American military.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2126
Have a candy and a look and hang out awhile with some really cool artists for an hour or two.

Because Munich Artists purchased an old Risograph, the first thing we looked for at the fair were Risographs and Risographers.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2125

The first studio we found on our hunt for compadres was Buero Fuer Problem.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2127
Buero fuer Problem Studio and Kosmos Art book StoreKosmos Art book Store in Basel –

The Buero sold little A5 books which were printed with black soy ink on white paper.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2418
Buero fuer Problem – First Edition
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2419
Buero fuer Problem. Basel Risograph Studio – Black and White Risograph book

The book I purchased was filled with the quotes used on T-shirts.  I’m not a big fan of the cover quote but I found the ones in the book amusing enough to purchase the little book from the studio.  The studio also printed A3 posters which, along with the map from Volta, did not make it back in one piece to Munich, Germany. (Drat the little plane and my no luggage ticket.)

The publisher also owns the new book store Kosmos. I told him he was very optimistic opening an art book store and he agreed.  HE opened it out of love not as a European start up so don’t worry, a Kosmos will not be popping up on every corner with Swiss Risographs.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2420
Risograph book filled with t-shirt sayings by Buero fuer Problem – 15 Euro (I think)

Zoo Park Publishing

Near Kosmos was a Russian publisher Zoopark Publishing Collective.  The collective had quite a few books from Russian photographers & artists.  Alexander Bondar, the man holding the book below,  is the creator of the book he is holding.  I kept picking up his books so evidently I’m drawn to his style of photography and book making.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2131
Alexander Bondar – Zoopark Publishing Collective holding his book.
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2132
Books from Zoopark Publishing Collective



DFRG Press

I fell in love with this stand because the books were laser cut.  I’m currently working on a cut book of my own so it was great to see a work done with a laser.  This book below is called Through the Woods and was created by Piri Piri Atelier.  The book is part of a series of 100 with this book below being the 100th print book.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2137

The same publisher created this book below entitled ” A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Daniele Catalli.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2138art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2135art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2134

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2139
Handmade art book  found at DFRG Press

Right next to the handmade books was another Risograph Publisher.

Modele Puissance is a collaboration between Nicolas Nade, Julien Kedryna, Vanessa Dziuba and Jean-Philippe Bretin.  The book you see below is by Jean Philippe Bretin.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2141
Risograph Artists/Publishers holding Report by Jean-Philippe Bretin edited by Modele Puissance.
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2421
Dogtailed Risograph art book by Jean Philippe Bretin

The book is printed with only an antique gold colour on a very light grayish coloured paper.  I purchased it as an example of the antique gold colour and an A3 paper folded in half. The book is held together with staples and is images with no text.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2422
Inside artbook by Jean Philippe Bretin

After skimming through the gold book, I turned to my right and found myself facing the land of Risographs known as Extrapool.


When I was on the other side of the room talking with Kosmos, the publisher mentioned that the Dutch artists on the other side of the room had a Risograph machine that could print A2 prints and cost 50k Euro.

50K Euro?

Yes, 50k Euro!

Below are two examples of the books created by Extrapool and how an A2 looks like with one and two folds.

First, the two fold.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2438
Kwartzwart – Magazine – A2 paper folded twice – The magazine was made by the team at Extrapol and has a glue binding. (no staples or stitching)
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2442
Artwork by Lilia Scheerder for Kwartzwart Magazine
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2441
Artwork by Lilia Scheerder for Kwartzwart Magazine
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2440
Artwork by Jan Dirk de Wilde for Kwartzwart Magazine
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2439
(L)Emma Johnsens & (R) Danielle Lemaire

Now, the one fold.  The larger book cost more than 50 Euro and is a combination of Risograph and screen printing.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2432
The printer changed artwork for the cover so you could pick a book with a cover of art that you wanted. I picked this book with the coverart by Johann Kauth
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2433
Inside cover of ExtraPlaats.  This project was supported by The Creative Industries Fund, Mondriaan Fund, the City of Arnhem, and the Province of Gelderland.
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2435
Risograph plus screen printing
art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2436
multi colour Risograph

I told the publisher that I was from Munich and that Munich Artists purchased a Risograph and they told me that there was a Munich Artists who went to their studio to create work in the prison program.  Here is the book Anna McCarthy created while at Extrapool – Revolution and its Muses



The artist, Nora Luedin, takes her photographs from her travels and curates them into books.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2414art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2415art in basel 2016-june-art-fairs-i never readIMG_2417

These are not Risograph books but digitally printed books.  I liked that she took a bunch of her photographs and created these little books. This is what the series looks like:

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2149

This is the artist:

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2153
Artist Nora Luedin with her photo books

Sigrid Calon

The last Risographer that I talked to during my visit to I Never Read was Sigrid Calon. Sigrid owns a new Risograph and she is not on the Stencil Wiki yet.   She is not a printer but I encouraged her as a Risograph artist to let us know she is out there. Munich Artists is also not a printer but we have placed ourselves on the map as Risograph Artists.

Sigrid is a prolific artist and all the work displayed belongs to her and comes from her Risograph. At her stand she had loose prints and also books with spiral binding.

Sigrid said that her new Risograph is much better calibrated than the old machines which I can understand but  I think the old and new machines each have their place in Risograph art and look forward to seeing Sigrid’s work in the future.

At this point, Munich Artists is very tempted to invest in a Risograph Lease but, I think it is best we print a few publications before stepping over that investment bridge. I do know that I’m drooling over the work created with an A2 Risograph.  Is there a sponsor that wants to buy one for Munich Artists?

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2146
Artist Sigrid Calon – Tilburg

Now that we have shown you the photos from ArtBasel Unlimited, shared with you Scope, Photo Basel and Liste, Volta 12 and I Never read, we are ready to tackle the Art Jewellery displayed at Basel Design  and discuss some of the artwork we saw at Art Basel.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email


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