Basel’s Other Art Fairs Part II – Volta 12

Yesterday I shared with you a post about a few of the satellite fairs and the post was mega long so today, we will do one art fair – Volta.


The Volta Show (art fair) is owned by the Vornado Realty Trust and they own some super duper big shows that all Americans know such as the Armory Show.   I did not know this when I walked through the doors.  All I knew was that it was a satellite show near the train station.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2065

Walking through the doors, I was given my press pass and this little book cover/binder which I was told would hold the materials from the galleries.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2069
Ticket and booklet where you stored all your information sheets.
As you walk through the fair, you have the option to pick up an information page from the galleries that you like so that at the end of the fair, all you have in your booklet are the artworks you liked and you don’t have to dig through the booklet looking for what you want to see.  This worked great for me.  I grabbed information pages that had the images of the artwork on the back and tucked them into my binder.

Volta 12 Gallery Leaflets

volta 12 Show binder with gallery leaflets tucked inside.
Volta was one floor so I decided to start on the right and work my way around the outside and then walk through the inside.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2072art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2071


art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2073

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2075
Artist Irene Grau – metria NCS S 2370-R/112cm Gallery Ponce + Robles
After passing this piece by Irene Grau,  I walked through some doors and found myself watching birds fly by.

The birds were brought to Volta by the YGallery in New York.  I found the birds so mesmerizing that the galleriest came over and showed me that I had only four more left and then I was out of luck.  Oh no!  Luckily I flicked the press pass at him and then he told me a little about Juan Fontanive and the artist Juanli Carrion  whose art was on the same wall.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2085

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2079
Fly Birdie Fly!  I’m pining for your butterfly and insect companions below.

Here is the art of Juanli CarrionJuanli Carrion. If you go to his website, you will be amazed at the different part of his art practice. He really is my kind of artist unafraid of making a statement in public through the use of words and light and video.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2086
Artist  Juanli Carrion – Y Gallery NYC

Rounding the corner, I came face to face with two men blabbering on video screens.  The looped video collages are by a German artist named Ulu Braun.  Ulu is a trained painter who also studied film.  The galleriest Erni Krupic from the Krupic Kersting (KUK) gallery Cologne, said the gallery focuses on artists whose work is a bit more political so the underlying theme of the video loops is political/social commentary.  Each loop shown below has an audio loop of a speech. Ulu won the Bundesfilmpreis in 2014 but I could not be impressed by this since I was not even aware of the prize. (Living in my isolated little bubble.)  I found Ulu’s work amusing enough to take a short video clip. (You can hear Erni Krupic talking in the background about the artwork.)

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2089
Artist Ulu Braun at the KUK gallery – Volta12

A rocket!  This wall reminded me of when I was married to a scientist and he worked for the military and I would have to pass all these rockets standing in front of his office. FLASHBACK!

The artist’s name  is Stano Filko and the artwork is called Kosmos. All the prints are seriographed a/k/a screenprinted.  The gallery represents the estate of the artist and Stano Filko is considered one of the most famous artists from Slovakia. ( He showed at Documenta 7 and at the Biennale de Venezia.)

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2095art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2097art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2096

One of the other artists in the Soda Gallery booth, Ilona Nemeth created the center of Europe and, creates a center of Europe wherever she shows her work which are the smaller marble plaques on the wall.  The map held by the gallerist shows all the places that proposed to be the center of Europe at one time (This does not include  Ilona’s work).

I was allowed to take one of the map’s home with me but it is too crumpled to show you- crumpled by a big old ArtBasel book and a very small airplane.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2099

Ed Cross Fine Art London

This is an African artist living overseas and represented by Ed Cross.  Mr. Cross explained that the artist loved to work at night and everything in this photo was created by hand with black stone (charcoal?) and pastels.  The works are really large and on paper but because of the detail, you feel like standing really close to look at it. In the first image below the people are fairly large but in the green painting they are so tiny that I don’t know if you can find them in the photograph I took.  I enjoyed seeing these pieces and they gave off a very peaceful feeling even with all the busy lines and details.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2094
Eric Pina – Ed Cross Fine Art London

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2092
Artist Eric Pina – Ed Cross Fine Art London -Volta12 – Around 5K Euro
Gallery Kogure

Paper! The artist Asuka Sakuma takes paper from her daily life and uses them to make her sculptures. The galleriest said that if the sculptures did not sell, they would take them back and the artist would keep adding to them because that was her process – nothing stayed static as long as it was in the artist’s possession.  I enjoyed reading about the artist Asuka Sakuma’s art practice and learning about one of her other sculptures which was made up of all her old teabags.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2104

Tea time (Not at Volta12)

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2102
Asuka Sakuma – Gallery Kogure – Volta12

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2101
Artist Asuka Sakuma – Gallery Kogure – Volta12

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2105
Artist Asuka Sakuma – Gallery Kogure – Volta12
The Flat – Massimo Carasi – Milan

As I walked through the exhibition room, I saw this wall sculpture and wanted a closer look at the pattern.  Last year, I took a bed frame and cut it up for my Made Your Bed installation and I was curious how another artist used the springs on the bedframe to hold his mandala in place.

The artist, Leonardo Ulian,  created the Mandala using old electrical parts and utilitarian items like the bedframe and books.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2108
Leonardo Ulian,  Technological Mandala #14 – The Flat – Massimo Carasi
I don’t know if the bed makes noise/squeeks or yells at you to get off  but some of Leonardo’s sculptures/ mandalas do make noise.

As the Massimo went to get the Volta leaflet for my binder, I saw this book artwork on his back shelf. Massimo told me he had another book sculpture in a box and asked if I wanted to see it.  I said yes!

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2112

As Massimo unwrapped the book sculpture below, a buyer saw the piece and asked if I wanted it.  I showed him my press pass and told him I was just writing about the artwork so he said he would buy it.  The buyer had already bought one piece and did not know there was this piece hidden away in a box.  This is a good reminder to all gallery booths and artists to make sure you show the buyers everything you’ve got with you… don’t stop at just one, if the buyer loves the artist, they may buy two. this was an exciting way to end my day at Volta and it will now be the end of this very long post.

art in basel 2016-june-art-fairsIMG_2118

Next, I ‘m going to share information and photos about  I never Read.


NOTE:  The link for this post says Volt not Volta and I apologize for this but I guess I felt that this fair was so electric that I had to change its name.  I’ve corrected the title but have to leave the slug cause it’s been published and I don’t want to break the link.  If you see me using the wrong name for an art fair please let me know and, welcome to Emmy Horstkamp’s world where her brain made the Leap from the man who made Electricity to the actual electricity and then snuggled it into the name of an art fair so that she did the American thing and shortened it as short as it could go.  Go Volt/Volta Go!


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