Munich Artists Project Update June 2016


Toot. Toot. Toot my own  horn.

I own and spend lots of time writing about other artists but I’m also Emmy Horstkamp, the artist.  Keeping my distance and not making Munich Artists my own personal PA system is important but so is sharing my artwork and making sure the artists who work with me don’t get overlooked as I try to walk that tightrope between Munich Artists the group and Emmy Horstkamp the Munich Artist developing the Munich Artists Brand.

This year,  you will be seeing my name on lots of posts along with Munich Artists who are collaborating with me on different art projects including:

The Odeonsplatz Window Installations

My True Self,

500 Artists Play Cards

Inspired art book

Now, let me give you a tiny update about the projects before the posts in the next few weeks.

My True Self Installation Event

My True Self is a collaborative installation between myself and a group of Munich Artists. On July 10th, we will be filming Munich Artists wearing their masks  at the Odeonsplatz Subway. If you are a Munich Artist who is participating, please let me know. I will be making a specific post about this project next week.  If you want to be involved, make two masks as explained in the open call!

500 Artists Play Cards

Elizabeth Hughes is the project manager for the card creation and I’m one of the artists and managing the 500 Artists Play Cards event on November 19, 2016.

14 Munich Artists have been chosen and are creating a playing card deck which will be printed and then used during the event on November 19, 2016.   We ask you to reserve the date November 19, 2016 to be in Munich, Germany for this event.  (We are still looking for a location that can hold 500 Artists sitting down to play cards.)

The cost of this event depends on the location. If we need to take this into a hotel setting, the cost will be 150 Euro per seat (expensive option) If we use a public cafeteria, the event will cost 60 Euro and include a set of cards.  More information will be posted in two weeks as we get ready our Kickstarter campaign. The more funds we raise, the more options we will have for event locations.

Inspired Art Book

Brigitte Pruchnow wanted to create a sketchbook that traveled between artists. The artists would draw an art piece based on the art piece on the page before theirs.  I really liked this idea but managing the project would have taken two years so I altered the idea and now, 28 artists have been chosen to create artwork based on a Brigitte Pruchnow’s first art piece.

The book will be an A4 and will be published later this year.  The book will cost 50 Euro or less depending on how many orders we receive.  If you would like a copy of this book we will be sharing a few images and taking pre-orders later this summer. I will post the list of artists next week so you know who is involved and how many books you need to buy.  We may do a kickstarter campaign for this project so that we can have an exhibition of the original works.






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