Maison Triumph – Munich Arists Meets Linda Von Beck 

If you are not on our Munich Artists instagram feed, you missed seeing the miracle work that Graham and Graham did on my hair this morning so that the frizzy mess that it is on most days at the studio could resemble a professional and event worthy hairdo so, that 

img_1874I could blend in with women like this one below. ( A famous German with beautiful hair.)


Since I was not sure what we were going to be doing at the event (the invitation just told me to wear Boho chic), I thought I better be on time and be prepared for anything.

After getting checked in as a guest,  I walked past a row of photographers who had no interest in taking my photo because I’m not a famous German person or an American famous person or even a Frauenstrasse famous person.  I’m just Munich Artists and hang out with a bunch of artists who never let me take their photos except under a bit of duress when they have masks on their faces and look like they have survived a snowstorm or at their exhibitions when they are stressed out or when I just snap one without asking while they are working or visiting me at Frauenstrasse 18.

After the photographers ignored me, I walked past this nice woman who offered me a drink and then entered the party.

Welcome.  Why did you drive your car silly?  We have free drinks for you.  Too bad, you now must drink fizzy water or tea with mint or water with mint or the warm coke you have tucked in your bag.
This is what the party looked like at 1900.  I was a bit early and had lots of personal space to explore rooms and take these shots.

I feel right at home…
This was beautiful.  Since I was not sure if I was supposed to take photos, I kept my photo taking down to the minimum. If we get invited again, I’m bringing the Sony cause I wanted to take some artsy shots and the weather was not cool shot friendly for the iphone.
After about an hour, the party looked like this:


after another 30 minutes and a downpour, there was no room for me to take a clear photo…  (Blurry Blurry Blurry Blah.)

Hunting for the Three

 I did not know any of the people at the party and as you know, my goal at any event is to meet three people without passing out from the stress.  Setting goals is my coping mechanism when I’m thrown into a room with lots of people who all seem to know each other. Today it wasn’t a seems like it kind of paranoia , the guests all do know each other.  As I walked around and around I saw one women sitting by herself so I sat down next to her and said, “Hello, my name is Emmy.” The woman smiled and told me her name was Linda, Linda von Beck.

Because I did not know Linda, I asked who she worked for and she told me.  I smiled and then proceeded to say the wrong initials back to her and she shook her head.  “No Emmy, TZ.  I work for TZ.”

After a nice chat, Linda needed to interview famous people so I offered Linda my card and she smiled. “I don’t carry cards, everybody knows who I am.”

Note:  Pay attention to this part of German culture. You are German. Know your German famous people.

Now that linda knows my name, I can say that I know Linda, I will not need to ask her who she works for the next time we meet.   Also, after today, I can say  I’m the most famous person at Frauenstrasse 18 inner courtyard store space labeled Munich Artists because I was the only Munich Artists hanging out with Linda and she is a celebrity reporter so by association I’m the most famous artist in my courtyard and you are welcome to take photos of me when you come visit.

Linda von Beck
When it started pouring, I became overwhelmed by the number of people and decided that 90 minutes was a good amount of time and decided to leave.  As I walked down the path away from the palais, two young women were stranded by the downpour in a very narrow doorway so I offered to walk them under my umbrella to the entrance of the party like the well prepared Minga that I am.

The women were really nice but I have no clue if they are Famous Germans so I’m sharing the photo they allowed me to take in their cute Boho Chic outfits. If they are famous, please leave me a comment so I can add their names or even if they are not famous, please let me know if you know them and we can add their names to the photo.

Boho Chic women on their way to Maison Triumph


After throwing on my Boho Meets Emmy’s favourite wrap dress outfit, I headed over to Sandra Holzmann and Alwin Hoefelmayer’s exhibition in Pullach.

I asked David from Graham and Graham where Pullach was and he told me it was way way far away but in reality it is ten minutes from my house in Sendling which means Sendling is far far away for David which means he is very lucky I will go all the way to Maxvorstadt to have him cut my hair because I’m technically not located in the innerring.

As I mentioned above, I do not bring out the best of artists when I take their photos. I have seen this repeatedly. I think I stress them out by asking them to pose and be the center of attention but I wanted you to see Sandra and Alwin and I asked them to pose with their works. Below are Sandra and Alwin all serious and artsy looking.  This is the first time the two artists are showing together and they converted Alwin’s architectural office into an art gallery.  This worked really well and if you have time in the next two days, you should brave the distance and go check out their work at Wettersteinstrasse 6, Pullach.

Sandra Holzmann and Alwin Hoefelmayer
Art Book by Sandra Holzman
Artwork by Sandra Holzmann
Artwork by Sandra Holzmann – My faourite from her current exhibition
artwork by Alwin H

Butterfly Artwork by Alwin Hoefelmayer

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