Miss Read Fine Art Book Fair Berlin- Weekend Away

Miss Read – Art book Fair

Munich Artists left Munich and traveled north to where the sun was shining and artists were sharing their artwork at the Miss Read Art Book Fair.

This year, Miss Read filled two large rooms at the Akademie der Kuenste in Berlin focusing on Spanish speaking publishers/artists.  More than 200 different participants from as far away as Singapore shared their work over the weekend.

Possible Content for 18 pages.

After talking with several artists and wandering around the different stands, we can say that the Miss Read Art Book Fair is worth checking out if you are in Berlin.  It is even worth flying up to Berlin for the weekend. The entrance to the fair is free, so if you decide to go next year, you will have an extra ten Euro in your pocket to buy one of the art books.

Munich Artists found the books at the fair inspiring.  We talked with many interesting artists and liked that we could buy their artwork without breaking our budget.  Most of the art books and magazines sold at the art fair were under 30 Euro and it felt wonderful to talk with an artist and be able to purchase some of their artwork. (It was not fun lugging all the books/magazines home on the airplane.)

Because Munich Artists is interested in producing Munich Artists Risograph books,  we focused our attention on the work of Risograph publishers/artists and found the work of several Mexican artists in line with what we would like to create.

Rrreplica.org.- Organization promoting Mexican art books.

Arturo Hernandez Alcazar.

Arturo is a Mexican artists working abroad.  The book which caught my attention is called “Piedras” (Rocks) published by Gato Negro ediciones.  The book consists of photographs where the composition of the photograph has some kind of rock included.  The books is a black and white risograph and is an A6.

The photos are appropriated or from the creative commons and have not been taken by Arturo who does not consider himself a photographer. I found it amusing to have a book called rocks but the photos are not amusing.  They show various ways people use rocks from building building to hurting others or damaging property.   Arturo will be exhibiting in Munich at the Space-Weltraum in November (located at Rumfordstrasse 26, 80469) so we will see if we can get him over to Frauenstrasse 18 for some creative Risographing with Munich Artists.

Arturo Hernandez Alcazar – Piedras (Risograph Book)

The next book I purchased was by a Mexican artist who self published the book on a Risograph.  The name of the artist/artists is/are enero y abril.  ( I think this is an art group…. when I talked with the exhibitors, they were telling me it was the work of a young female artist but after reading their blog, I’m thinking it is a group but you can check out their website and try and figure it out.)

Enero y Abril  did a mini book collaboration with Roto Editions (not at the book fair, I just thought this was cool.)


In addition to the Mexican artists, I found the following worth checking out:

Publisher Tiny Spendor 


Ugly Girl Gang by tuesday bassen


Ugly Girl Gand by tuesday bassen LA, CA USA


tuesday bassen – ugly girl gang
tuesday bassen art book – Tiny Spendor Press embossed Logo

The Many Ways of the Potato by Sanaa Khan

Tiny Splendor Press – Sanaa Khan


Brazilian Self Published  Artist Pedro Franz


The Tunguska Incident by Pedro Franz
A trilogy -three book series

Fotograf – Artist Collaborative


Fotograf Magazine is a photo magazine based in Prague.  The magazine is a collaborative publication published twice a year during the Fotograf Festival. Each issue has a specific theme and the whole project is a non profit venture (They are not a commercial press.)  I purchased one of the current issues, Documentary Strategies and two past issues, Photography and Painting, and the Recycled Image. (You can stop by Frauenstrasse 18 to have a peek at the three issues.)

We asked Pavel Banka to share some of his personal experiences organizing a Collective and look forward to sharing the interview with you in the near future.

If you would like to attend the next Fotograf festival you can follow their Facebook page for updates.  Fotograf Magazine does not accept submission except from artists that are invited to participate but you are all welcome to attend the festival and purchase one of their magazines.


FUKT is a magazine for contemporary drawing which has no ads and focuses on drawing, beautiful design and occasional interviews.  The magazine was started in 1999 and is published once a year.

Björn Hegardt is the editor and Ariane Spanier creates the design with assitance from
Maria Nogueira and Stephie Becker.

If you would like to contribute artwork to the magazine, you can send an email to fukt@fukt.de with a link to your website or online portfolio. If you don’t have one, you can send jpgs to them but keep them small.

Knuckles & Notch

Before Munich Artists became Munich Artists, Munich Artists lived in Singapore and might have been Singapore Artists if the Bavarian beakon had not lit up luring me back to Munich. Because I’m fond of this global city,  I’m fond of sharing their artists when I meet them or find them in Munich or in a city I’m visiting.

What I found interesting about the Singaporean artwork shown by Knuckles & Notch was that it was very graphic representing women in sexual acts.  Living in Europe, this is no big deal but having lived in Singapore, I know this is a big deal. I asked the rep about this and she said that Singapore has become a bit more relaxed about this kind of material over the last few years.

Knuckles & Notch – Singaporean publisher  (Risographs)


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