Ring by Mauro Staccioli-Munich Public Art

On the way back from visiting the Lenbachhaus, I passed this very large, very red sculpture and decided to hunt down the sign which shared the name of the artist.

Created in 1996, the Ring by Mauro Staccioli is a public art piece located next to the old botanical gardens in between the main strain station and the Museum district.  (Corner of Elisestrasse and Luisstrasse)

Mauro Staccioli is an Italian sculptor who was one of the founding members of the gruppo di Iniziativa in Sardinia.

At the end of the 1969s Staccioli decided to focus his art practice on sculptures and delve into the relationship between art and society. Staccioli’s sculptures place an extreme importance on the location where the sculpture will be placed.

Mauro Staccioli prefers to use concrete and steel for his sculptures.  In 1978, Staccioli created an 8M high concrete wall which hid the entrance to the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennial.

The red rust Ring is part of a series of ring sculptures created by Staccioli which underline aspects of the landscape. The ring sculpture in Munich is positioned at the gateway to Munich’s museum district.  The ring has a diameter of 12 meters, weighs 14 tons and is located in a field of gravel.  The sculpture was a gift from the Munich Stadtsparkasse and cost approximately 80k Euro.

Staccioli is known for his environmental sculptures and sculptural interventions which look to transform the usual perceptions of people who come across them.

The Ring Sculpture by Mauro Staccioli
Ring by Mauro Staccioli

I always wondered why the ground in this area was just gravel and not paving stones or grass.  Now we know.  The gravel is part of the environment for the sculpture.

Notice how many people are ignoring the sculpture as they walk by, if this is you, pause next time and enjoy the view.

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