ArtMUC 2016 – Lets Take A Peek

This year, ArtMUC is organised a little like the magazine.  The artists are divided up by individual artists, art platforms and ARTMUC projects which made it a bit challenging for me when I was digging around the catalogue for names and artists locations on the map.

As I warned after Stroke, the press tour happens early in the day so if artists wanted me to photograph their work, they needed to get their stuff up on the walls for me to see.

Ines Seidel was on the ball and had her area all ready to go.

This year, there are 102 individual artists listed in the catalogue and 19 organisations showing artwork of artists not listed by individual name.  The artists sponsored by organisations do not have their names on the catalogue map, you must know what group they are showing with to find them.  If you liked a piece of artwork that I shared in this post and they are shown as part of a group, I shared the group name with you so you can find the art piece.

Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13321074_1039529526102194_2080459760_o
ArtMUC -Anne Hein – Glaswerkstatt ANTHANA
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13313753_1039529492768864_1630584901_o
ArtMUC – Gerd Paulicke
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13340473_1039529166102230_2118925030_o
ArtMUC – Angel Barroso Crespo
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13313688_1039530116102135_1997025728_o
ArtMUC – Liz Walinski
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13351187_1039530069435473_1048260243_o
ArtMUC – Kerstin Emrich – Thomas
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13324231_1039530139435466_479471648_o
ArtMUC – Bianca Artope
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13321115_1039530216102125_1323025424_o
ArtMUC – Bernhard Rauscher
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13324157_1039679389420541_186440431_o
ArtMUC – BBK- Nicola Mueller
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13321114_1039698129418667_948680755_o
ArtMUC – Elke Reis
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13321273_1039529656102181_145154449_o
ArtMUC – Eva-Maria Bischof-Kaupp
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13313791_1039529729435507_1139592428_o
Hans-Peter Menge



Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13350938_1039640352757778_528509301_o
ArtMUC -Sculpture network e.V. – Rosali Schweizer – the images on the glass are reflections of the outdoors. I loved how the middle piece kept reflecting the buildings and that is why you see five photos of this piece. The reflections kept changing and you needed to patiently wait as the pieces turned to see this wonderful additional aspect to the piece.


Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13324378_1039679659420514_1777604812_o
ArtMUC – Elsa Nietmann – We first saw this Wolf at Kunst in Sendling so we are happy to see him out and about again.
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13323907_1039679676087179_28880033_o
ArtMUC – Elsa Nietmann – Lupas, 2014 
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13383578_1039698059418674_1107177610_o
ArtMUC- Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art – Bongchull Shin
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13321087_1039698069418673_1765609245_o
Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art –ArtMUC – Bongchull Shin

This year, ArtMUC has a digital section called ArtMUC digital. Here are a few pieces:

Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13334424_1039698339418646_281878826_o
Betty Mue demonstrating Dots an interactive video installation by Betty Mue and KRAY-C
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-3351005_1039698359418644_1462545400_o
artMUC Digital – Betty Mue and KRAY-C – digital interactive installation art piece
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13383907_1039698406085306_1795133475_o
Betty Mue and Kray C installation
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13323897_1039698462751967_754432108_o
Betty Mue and KRAY C – Video Installation
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13340815_1039721609416319_134908902_o
Betty MUE Vortex Video Mapping Installation.  I took this photo so you could see how it works with the computer.  Betty has assigned a video to each section of the wall where the spheres are. If you would like to know more about video mapping, go read this video mapping summary.
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13383877_1039721702749643_2026629249_o
Betty Mue Video mapping installation
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13383861_1039721852749628_1709572773_o
Betty Mue Video Mapping installation


Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13324004_1039721566082990_493841926_o
Digital piece being setup. I wanted you to see that it is reflected off a mirror onto the fabric.
Munich Artists visit artmuc 2016-13323974_1039698182751995_876310194_o
Cendra D. Polsner – Panicroom – Video Environment

Below is an interactive art piece that required you to be involved in a very personal way. Initially when you looked at the piece you saw the words Get or Give. (Two screens)  You must press the button and talk into the microphone to give something.  I didn’t realise you could also visually give something but as you can see in the second photo, I’m busy “giving” words so when the receiver pressed the button, she got me hunched over the microphone telling her to have a happy day.   I liked this piece and could see having the screen on my wall with the other screen in my daughters room. or maybe in place of the intercom system on my house.  Either way, it was one art piece I enjoyed seeing at ArtMUC 2016.

I hope you all Munich Artists have good sales and a positive art fair experience.  The art historian who gave us the tour explained that ArtMUC was about networking but, as we all know,  if we exhibit our work at an art fair, we want to sell it all and go home with full pockets and empty hands so that is my wish for all Munich Artists this weekend.  Come home with your pockets and hearts full and stop by the Friday Gallery and tell me all about your weekend adventure.




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