Josef Hepfinger – Textiles and machines for grinding, straining and sorting things

It was one of those days where a door opened in front of me and instead of swerving, I walked right into the store.  This time the store was named Josef Hepfinger.  (Do you remember the last time I walked into a store with just a person’s name on the door? )

Walking into the store, you will think it is a fabric store because you will see bolts of fabric on both walls. The fabric selection is an assortment of natural cottons, linens and neutral coloured nylon meshes including some metal mesh and some batting material like what you would use for quilting.

But no, the store is not a fabric store even though they will sell you fabric without a minimum quantity.  Let your creative brains start working.  Munich Artists has found a store where you can get raw linen to tack on a frame or you can snag large pieces of raw linen for a funky sculpture or, lug home a bolt to cover your whole apartment in raw fabric for a minimalistic ” I live in a pillow” look.

Bolts of cotton fabric perfect for artists wanting to work on cotton
Bolts of linen fabric perfect for artists.  You can purchase one meter or 20.  The store will be happy to sell you as much fabric as you want.

Please note, this store has no website, no Facebook page and does no marketing or other frivolous nonsense like Instagram or Pintrest.  The person helping me was puzzled when I asked for those things and she said they did not need any of that but she would give me the business card to take with me and share with you.

How does this company survive?  This is the question you may be wondering but now you can stop wondering because their main business is not fabric but grinding, sifting and sorting machines and all kinds of things needed by construction, engineering and manufacturing industries.

See, they don’t need the public, they just need architects and building companies and people in manufacturing to know they exist.  We, Munich Artists, are lucky that this company decided to have a store near Isartorplatz so we can wander in and buy fabric and maybe some mesh or maybe a sorting machine to sort through our good and bad art.

Because Josef Hepfinger focuses on industrial, engineering and construction companies, they also have products that these companies need like metal mesh for the sifting machines and some strange leather harnesses that are used to hold up bags or something like that.  (We were talking in German so I might have mistranslated what those heavy duty leather straps were used for but I think I’m right cause this store was by Isartor not Sendlinger Tor and the straps didn’t make me blush.)

The staff was very nice and let me take photos as long as they were not in the photo but, you will need to speak German if you walk into this store.  If you do not know German, you will want to take someone who speaks German so that you get exactly what you want.

If you know the right technical words, I’m sure you can also order anything you want having to do with grinding, sifting and sorting equipment but be prepared with the proper German words because I have found explaining what you want in what you think is the proper way to describe something, never really works in Germany because Germans think differently than non-Germans or Germans like me who were raised in America the land where you can make up your own words for things and everyone will still get what you’re talking about because they also make up their own words and kind of have an idea of what you are trying to say. That land is not Germany.

If you do not have the proper German words, stick with pointing at fabric and extending your arms to how much raw cotton/linen/mesh fabric you want to purchase.  The woman I met understood English but would not utter a peep because she is not fluent in English which is understandable because we live in Germany and English is not the mother tongue of Munich even though I sometimes like to pretend it is.

Here are the store details:

Josef Hepfinger  – Anlagenbau Maschinen fuer Vermahlung, Sieb-und Foerdertechnik, Technische Bedardfsartikel. (This is what they exactly do in German just in case my translation is not exact.)

  • Thierschstrasse 1, 80538 Muenchen
  • Phone: 089 22 6013


  • Monday – Thursday 800 to 1200 & 1300 to 1600
  •  Friday 800 to 1200

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