Risograph Printing For Print Day in May – An international Print Event

Munich Artists owns a Risograph. It is a monster machine taking up quite a bit of space in our studio but we fell in love with what Risographs can do and we wanted to experiment with the process.  To get other artists excited about Risographing, we opened Frauenstrasse 18 on Saturday May 7, 2016 and invited artists to come in and try the Risograph.

As we discussed in this post about our Risograph, our machine makes a print of your art piece with Soy ink and you can print about 100 prints before the master starts to degrade.

For art printing, the quality of the paper is very important and we suggested artists bring paper with different weights, textures and colours.

Each artists was allowed to make 20 copies of their work on various papers and they experimented using only the black soy ink.

Alexandra Ritter  took advantage of international print day and decided to print a Risograph on top of her screen print created at her studio.  In the image below,you can see our testing paper where we worked setting up the master so that it was as close to where she screen printed as possible.

Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 2016IMG_0105

Alexandra seemed pretty happy with her completed art pieces.  Below she is holding one example which is a combination of screen print and Risoprinting. We tried printing her artwork on various papers with each paper changing the feeling of the artwork. It was exciting to see a Munich Artist throwing herself into the experimentation process and taking advantage of Munich Print Day in May.Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 2016IMG_0107

We had seven artists spend the afternoon printing and seeing the limitations and possibilities of printing with a Risograph machine.  Photographers, painters, and printers played with their artwork to create something different from their normal art practices.

Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 2016IMG_0103
Elke Reis (L) and Brigitte Hoppstock (R) looking through Brigitte’s print work.

Print day in May is an international event started by MPCprintmakers. Munich Artists is the first group in Munich to join in on the international print day fun.   We will continue to develop this event in Munich and look forward to next year’s Print Day in May.

If you missed Print day in May, you are welcome to come by for a chat but we will not be doing printing until we have collected all of our coloured drums.  We will post an open call once we are ready to create artwork with the machine and we will post on the website when we have another Risograph workshop.

Munich Artists risograph for international print day photos may 201613149901_1024803187574828_779165651_n
From Left to Right:  Bobbie Dunn, Brigitte Hoppstock, Alexandra Ritter, Elke Reis, Gina posing with their risograph works on International Print Day.

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