I will be posting an interview with HNRX over the weekend (Cause he was nice enough to send me coordinates where to find him.) While you wait for me to finish writing, you can grab your calendar and jot down the following information:

  • Date: July 15, 2016
  • Time: 2000 to 2400
  • Location:  Die Faerberei  Claude Lorrain Strasse 25 RGB 81543 Munich

For three days, HNRX will be selling artwork on cardboard to some lucky Mingas.  Go support HNRX so he can share more artwork on our city walls.

Most of HNRx’s walls are self funded and Munich Artists likes to encourage you to support artists chasing their dreams onto the streets of Munich.

After looking at your finances and setting aside 100 to 1k Euro for the July exhibition, head over to Candidplatz to see HNRX’s new very large art piece.  If you take the subway, you will exit and head over towards the little creek.

Please enjoy HNRX’s work while you can. He is a guest in our city for only a few more months and then he will be off hunting for new game walls in another European city.

Munich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 201612986750_1011001038955043_632427628_oMunich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 201613010109_1011003768954770_1183743358_oMunich Artists Munich street art HNRX April 2016IMG_2988 (1)

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