Pizza Delivery by Michaela Wuehr? What’s in the Box?

While I worked on the booklet for our 500 Artists Say Hello event,  Michaela Wuehr knocked on my door and walked in with a pizza.

“Pizza!  I love pizza but I thought you wanted to go have a juice?” I said jumping up to grab a piece of “Buena Pizza!”

Pizza delivery by Michaela Wuehr

“No, Emmy. There is no pizza.”

No Pizza? Lunchtime hunger clouded my eyes.  I looked suspiciously at Michaela as she smiled and lifted the lid. The smell of oil paint hit my nostrils.


oh! It’s a 500 Artists Say Hello art piece!

500 Artists Say Hello art by Michaela Wuehr.  The above piece was still wet and Michaela wanted to make sure the piece stayed safe as she made her way from her studio in Maxvorstadt to my space at Frauenstrasse.

I love it!  The packaging was so urban just like the NYC scene depicted in the art piece. They belong together. I promise, if you buy her piece, you can take home the pizza box.

I told Michaela she needed to incorporate pizza boxes into her marketing plan cause I loved getting her art piece in a pizza box.

Michaela also had a cool idea where she would say the box was her piece and that orange was blue and green was black – mix it up a bit. I love that idea but I am really happy she decided to make an oil painting for our event.

Hopefully I will have a surprise for you tomorrow/Wed. Please feel encouraged to find fun ways to surprise Munich Artists. We enjoy positive surprises especially when we are stuck on the computer working all day.

Artwork by Michaela Wuehr (Oil painting)

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