Finally!  Today, I’m sharing with you the street art & graffiti that I found during my recent trip to London.(Photos I have not already posted here and on Instagram.)

Before you take a peek, please note:

  1.  I still need to label artists if I can figure out who they are. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Layers upon layers of artwork. No piece is sacred.  A mural is a mural. Street art is street art and street art is temporary.
  3. The street art is not all over London. There are two main zones for street art/graffiti  These zones are filled to the brim with art so when you go there, every corner is a delight to explore. Plan to spend two days looking through those neighbourhoods.
  4. HNRX – I found him in London.  Go check out the artwork we have here in Munich at Tumblingerstrasse and the Kultfabrik. We are lucky to have his work here.  Go enjoy it while it is still up on the walls.
  5. Good. Bad. Great. Mediocre. Big. Small. Paper. Sticker. Paint. Spraypaint. Marker. The artwork is made with different mediums and all of the pieces exist in the same space and covers the same walls. The walls have a texture that is sculptural with pieces extending out into the street. It feels like the walls are talking to you when you walk down these streets – a loud art conversation asking you to join in.
  6. The neighbourhoods where you find the street art in London encourage street art.  In other areas of London, you will find very little street art.  The artists know where they are welcome and they go there to share their artwork and not worry about cctv cameras.  Some of the larger pieces on specific buildings are not commissioned but are created with permission from the store owners.  A nice piece of street art = tourists/visitors/photographs and a positive digital footprint encouraging people to visit.
  7. If you want to go painting on the streets of London, contact Wumi. We showed you some of his work here.  Wumi is really cool and knows where to paint and will tell you where you can get your art supplies and maybe if he likes your work, he will paint with you.

Written by Emmy Horstkamp

Hi, my name is Emmy and I live in Munich, Germany. If you want to know about art me visit my art page or visit me in Munich, Germany

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