Sendling Utility Box Attracts Street Art – Can We Keep it Pretty Please

The utility box owners (two boxes) have been waging a war with a group of graffiti people since I moved into my apartment in 2009.street-art-sendling-munich-germany-photo-by-emmy-horstkamp-munichartists-IMG_8998

Every couple of months, the city comes along and paints the boxes a solid blah colour and within a few days, the graffiti taggers are back to “claim” their space with their tags.

I know graffiti artists say that I must accept tagging as part of street art but I don’t.  I understand it but it doesn’t qualify as art. It is just scribbles all over the buildings.  Sometimes an artist will create tagging stickers which , to me, make more sense.  They can be cool looking and plastered everywhere.

Anyways, that is the fight happening in my neighourhood between the city and this group of taggers until today when,

This little girl showed up.street-art-sendling-munich-germany-photo-by-emmy-horstkamp-munichartistsIMG_9004

street art piece in Sendling – Munich, Germany April 2016

I saw her this morning when I walked my dogs and quickly ran back to snap a photo.  She is on that city box that keeps getting painted.  She is in a precarious space so if you want to see her and snap a photo of her you better be quick – She is not in a designated Munich Street art space and that makes her super temporary.

This box is located between the recycle center, a garden house community, the Jewish cemetery and across from the largest climbing centre in Europe.  Munich, can we convert this box into a street art box?? Pretty please? We need an official nod of the head or it will all be painted over in a few weeks by the city. Munich,  the box already has issues with taggers. It is a non-ending fight so maybe the box should become a StreetArt box.

Munich officials, I suggest you hurry up and hire a new street art curator and implement the following rules for the artists for these two boxes and the neighourhood that surrounds them.

  1. Do not cover up the vent, the door hinges, or the useful aspects of this box.  Maybe those areas could be painted with a reflective colour to let the artists know what should be left untouched.
  2. Do not touch the walls of the cemetery.  That is a sacred space and that would make Munich very sad. It is a monument and of historical significance.  It does not need adornment or tagging.
  3. Do not touch any of the garden houses. They are tended to by nature loving Mingas who spend lots of time on their houses.   I talked with a street artist who said that if you go to Turkey, you can ask people to let you paint their houses… this would be an option for the garden houses.  I think that would be pretty cool especially with the houses that look a bit run down but ASK THEM do not just go painting things in the garden house community. The gardeners have enough problems with snails and the ravens.
  4. Do not paint Emmy’s house.  I live in a white apartment complex with lots of old people.  Don’t give them a heart attack. Don’t make it hard to get spaces for you to paint legally.  Someone tagged my house and the hausmeister ran around apologising and painted it immediately. You can put stickers in the Minga allowed sticker areas near my house to let me know you are nearby but leave my white castle walls alone. (my house looks like a weird castle in the forest.)  I love your street art but my neighbours love their white walls. You are welcome to street art paint the shed in my garden.  ONLY my shed. I will post a photo of it next week.
  5. Think about the neighbourhood. There are cool things happening in this area.  Ask the artist to theme their street art so the neighbourhood wants to keep it.  We have climbers, we have gardeners, we have people throwing away pretty cool trash. We also have hundreds of dog walkers and those people who hate them (someone just killed a dog in the park this week with a razor blade inside a meatball.) We also have bikers and people heading to the Zoo or the Isar (ten minute walk. I would love to see that incorporated into Munich Street art for my area of Sendling.

Until the new curator is hired and some kind of approved space is created, this girl is in DANGER of disappearing faster than intended by Nature or the street art rhythm of change. Lets get moving and make it legal for artists to give her some playmates.

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