Katja Schlegel – Jewellery Artist in Munich

Artist  Katja Flail

Yesterday I went to Maxvorstadt to pick up an old imac to add to my retro collection and I parked in the first parking place I could find which was in front of Schlegelschmuck.

Getting out of my car, my eyes were drawn to the window by a blue broach “How much is the doggie broach in the window? How much is the necklace in the window?  How much are the earrings in the window?  Where the heck are the prices?” I wondered.

I peered inside the space and saw a woman working away at a goldsmith’s table.  Maybe she could tell me the prices. I followed the little sign near the door telling me to buzz the artist so I buzzed and the artist let me into her space.

Katja Schlegel, a Munich based jewellery artist, opened the door with a smile and we had a nice chat about her artwork, Schmuck exhibition, Munich Jewellery Week and the blue broach in the window.

The blue broach was created the day before and was influenced by the wall socket.  I personally thought it was a button but I realised after the third shake of her head that I had the wrong meaning and that the word for button and wall socket were different.

Neither of these words were in my German vocabulary but maybe after writing this post they will sink in to memory…Steckdose is Wall Socket.  Knopf is button. Steckdose…Knopf… hmmm Knopf sounds like head, a place that these words were not wanting to hang out and call home.


Inspiration for blue broach.

I like pendants and loved how Katja had necklaces that ended in a pearl and were combined with a tiny gold fastner and a colourful pendant.  The pendants come in a variety of colours and the necklace chain also comes in bright silver and oxidised silver.

Pendant silver and acrylic disk around 90 Euro (just pendant.)
Lots of colours to choose from and Katja will make one for you if it is not on display.

During Munich Jewellery Week, Katja hosts and curates an exhibition of the art jewellery graduates from the Kunst Akademie so next year you will be seeing some photos of her space and the artists she has invited to show for the week.

If you would like to visit Katja and see her creations, here are the details:

nordendstr. 7a / ecke adalbertstraße
80799 münchen
tel: +49 (0)89 -2710071

Opening Times”
Tuesday-friday 11 – 19 uhr
saturday 11 – 14 uhr
Closed on Mondays

I’ve invited her to meet with us at the 500 artists say hello so maybe you will get to see her there!

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