Workshops for Artists By The Platform in Obersendling

The platform in Obersendling is offering courses for artists & creatives (in German.)  From June until October 2016, the Platform Academy will be offering the following courses:

  • Seminar 1: Innovation and Creative Processes: Principles and Methods of Design Thinking.
  • Seminar 2: Self-employment/Entrepreneurship in the creative sector.
  • Seminar 3:  Crowdfunding
  • Seminar 4: Arts and Cultural Funding – Fundraising, Sponsorship, Strategic Alliances – The basics
  • Seminar 5: Arts and Culture fundraising, sponsorship, strategic alliances – Implementation
  • Seminar 6: Basics of Social Media – Relevant platforms, tools and formats for creatives.
  • Seminar 7: Content strategies for culture and creative industries.
  • Seminar 8: Digital strategies for cultural and creative industries.
  • Seminar9: Digital event formats in social media: #tweetup #instawalk  #instaswap etc.
  • Seminar 10: Successful self-marketing

Participation Fees:

  • Full day courses: 85 Euro
  • Half day Courses: 50 Euro
  • Early Bird: 10 Euro off per course (Registration until Friday, April 15, 2016)
  • Max. 15 person per seminar

Registration deadline:  One week before the each course starts.

Email the platform: or call 089 324 90 09 0





PLATFORM   Kistlerhofstr. 70 house 60 3rd floor, 81379 München

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