Hazel Ang and Allun Turner Say Hello

I did not realise how complicated life could get when you have a company named Kyfio UG but a website named Munichartists.com.  Hazel did the proper thing sending her artwork to Munich Artists but there is no legal entity for Munich Artists just the website and the the post office would not give me the package even though my name is on a business card with Munich Artists.  I needed a rubber stamp.  After creating a rubber stamp from a stamp kit, I stamped the pickup form with “Munich Artists ” and they gave me the package saving it from a return journey to America.   I opened the package and had a great blue surprise from Hazel Ang.

Then, Allun Turner walked in with his piece…


So many wonderful artists and artwork came into the studio today.  I feel really lucky to get to meet new artists and have artists I know join in on the fun.  I’m Looking forward to seeing more of your art pieces coming my way and filling the second studio table with your creations!


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