Hello Oliver Rennen – Maker & Artist in Munich

We have a maker/artist interested in collaborating. I’m not sharing Oliver’s portrait because he will be in our book and you can use the book to find him on April 23rd at our 500 artists say hello event.

What kind of collaborations  does Oliver want?  

Oliver is open to ideas and is willing to work with a few of you to create some really cool art using 3D printers, lasers and cool gadgets from the makers space.

Oliver’s Hello Art

Oliver created his art piece using a 3D print file, cutting the different layers and then using a laser to cut hello and the background design into the paper.

In the photo below you can see an extra piece created using this process. Oliver created a software program to help  the laser to cut more than 100 pieces which make up the body of his work.


Artwork by Oliver Rennen – 3d print file/laser cutting

I’m really happy that Oliver will be joining us on April 23rd. We have around 100 artists showing artwork.  If you sent in your application and have not heard from me, please let me know so I can  If you emailed me and do not have a response, please send me a reminder email so I can search my email for missing photos/applications.

For our first 500 artists say hello event, we have:

  • Illustration
  • Oil/Acrylic/Ink Abstracts
  • Oil/Acrylic/Ink Figurative Work
  • Cartoon
  • Photography
  • Sculpture (wood, paper )
  • Dance (in Video format)
  • Music (in Video format)
  • Mixed Media
  • Jewellery

We are creating a website for the 500 Artists project and will show you all the works and the artists on this site.  It has been exciting to see the artwork coming in and the diversity that we have in art here in Munich.  I’m very lucky to get to meet all of you before the event and to share your artwork with the Munich Artists community.

If you are reading this, and you want your artwork included, I’m still working on the booklet so can add a page or three.   Once the booklet is off to the printers, the submission of artwork will end.  You can email me at Emmy@kyfio.com  if you want to submit late.   If you don’t want to create a hello painting in your style, you can always join our 21 day Hello Challenge.



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