Ioanna Natsikou – Munich Jewellery Week 2016

At RaumForm 33 Baaderstraße 16 80469 München, Ioanna Natsikou is showcasing her artwork during Munich Jewellery week.  munich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12773288_980160805372400_1137035766_omunich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12787568_980160755372405_1919545435_omunich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12788682_980160685372412_942915320_omunich-artists-feb-25-2-16-schmuck-munich-jewellery-week12767833_980160582039089_2126895754_o

Things you should know about Ioanna and her artwork.

  1. Ioanna is organizing the first Athens Jewellery Week which will happen this summer.
  2. None of the faces in the exhibition have names. They are titled to evoke an emotion or idea not be attached to a name/label.
  3. Focusing on art jewellery, Ionna is interested in finding a way to combine her love of art jewellery and her love of photography.
  4. The faces are smaller than masks and are a point of dialogue, reflection.

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