UNPAINTED 2016 – part I- Too Bad I Can’t Hit Replay

I loved Unpainted Lab 3.0 and, as a Munich Artist and a Digital freak, I would love you all to see Unpainted but it’s over and now you have to wait until they organise another one… hopefully in Munich so that we can go and enjoy a bit of contemporary digital art.

Because of TOCA ME, I was unable to get to Unpainted until Sunday but I left the building feeling super happy and that rarely happens when I visit an art fair, art gallery, art conference.  Most of the time when I go to an event I leave feeling overwhelmed but the artwork was well curated and I left feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Here is some of the artwork and the artists immersed in the digital world.


Artist Nora Renaud
Artist Nora Renaud
Artist Nora Renaud
Artist Nora Renaud’s digital art printed on animal hide.
Nora Renaud – Double Twitter, Double Facebook, Double Cross

Nora Renaud – Currently living in Colombia, Nora works exclusively on her mobile phone taking her photos and painting on them and then posting them in her instagram feed.  She doesn’t use any special applications to create her artwork, she draws on her smartphone using the native drawing program to add/erase content from her photographs.

After creating her digital piece, Nora takes the artwork and prints it on different materials. At Unpainted, she showcased her work on fur which she allowed you to touch and interact with (as you can see from my photo.)  Nora also takes digital symbolism and transforms it as you can see from the sculptural pieces below and the hashtag on a native Colombian bag.

Nora’s partner is Miltos Manetas, a digital artist creating digital artwork since the 1990s. At Unpainted, Manetas showcased his 4:44 project which he started in 2002. The project theory focues on the questions of where am I when I am “on my computer?”

Manetas also displayed his painted digital screens which Nora Renaud held up so I could see the abstracted landscape shadow.

Artist Miltos Manetas
Artist Miltos Manetas photo by Emmy Horstkamp


After chatting with Nora, I talked with Elisa Rose and Gary Danner the Station Rose  artist duo.


The two artists created a special piece for unpainted that was tucked into its own room.  The artists created several corresponding printed digital artpieces that used images from their video installation.

Here is an example of a Station Rose Piece (I don’t have a video yet of their Unpainted performance.)


I wanted to take some photos of Lumenman, but he was super busy creating light paintings in the dark and I’m not a light painter so, here is an example of what he created at ISPO a few weeks ago.

Lumenman 2016


Heading to the second floor, I talked with Munich based artist Birthe Blauth.  Birthe showed two art pieces and my favourite was this small closet where you go sit inside and then a person hands you a present and you need to figure out what kind of present they are giving you by their facial expressions.  You can see video of the project on her website.

Birthe Blauth with her interactive art piece.
This was the interactive girl who gave me a present.  interactive video artwork by Birthe Blauth


I will post more photos and artists this evening after I get back from the MCBW symposium.

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