Flying Fish of Sendling – Flying Days of February

Fish Flying in Munich

For a few months, I’ve been passing this sticker on my way to the studio.


Da Tut sich was…  means Something is happening (I think)

The sticker is very close to the Grossmarkt hall and the klo Haeuschen which is a tiny tiny gallery in the old public toilets of the Grossmarkt hall (all cleaned up of course)

The space where the sticker is posted was at one time a fish market and then the fish market was kicked out for renovation but the space stayed closed and unrenovated for a long time.

Late in 2015 they renovated the space and it has been empty until this month.  I thought it was funny to have this sticker on the building. I hope they keep it there as a nod to what the space was in the past.. but if you follow my photos, you know what Mingas do to stickers…

Shadows Do Not Impress Dogs

“I don’t get it.” Said Lucas being stubborn and not putting his head down so the shadows could artistically fall across his face.

The dogs don’t care about shadows.  I used those shadows in the current installation at Odeonsplatz. I saw someone on instagram using shadows like these on a model.  Artists love shadows but dogs don’t care.

I answered the Phone

I never answer my phone unless a name appears but I was busy writing this post and pressed the button without thinking and said “Hello” as I kept writing about my dogs.

An artists invited me to her exhibition. I guess the universe wants to drag me to Gauting to look at art on a Saturday afternoon so,

If anyone is in Gauting on Feb 13th and wants me to visit their studio, please let me know. I may be in the area visiting Aqsa Owais’s first solo exhibition in Munich, Germany. Her artwork will be up for a month. I have no clue what it looks like yet but she said it is fabulous. (not really. She didn’t hype her art.)

Remember, if you are trying to get me to leave the city, you better make it worth my while. If you have an art event, I will share your event page on our Facebook page. Just send me an invite to a public event page and I will add it to Munich Artists Facebook page.

If you want daily content, it is best to like our Facebook page or follow me on instagram.  Tomorow, I will share images of Allun Turner and Ines Seidel as they begin installing “the Talk.”

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