Shattered Walking to Frauenstrasse 18

Today as I walked back to Frauenstrasse 18 from the Odeonsplatz Installation Window, I passed by this shattered window and decided I wanted to take some photos.  As a self portrait, this shot is really a self portrait of my phone.

I positioned myself in the middle and decided I would use this shot for my encaustic photo/mixed media art pieces.

Emmy Horstkamp Self Portrait January 2016

I took the center of the shot and deleted the content and then created a second layer so that when I coat the photograph with encaustic, the second photo will be able to “shine” through the lighter image.

WIP for You Shattered my Soul January 2016 by Emmy Horstkamp

Since I’m printing these pieces in a larger size, I’m not sure if it will work with encaustic so I ordered a print with the middle white so I could draw in my shattered soul.

WIP for You Shattered My Soul 2016 By Emmy Horstkamp

After capturing the image of myself in the shot, I decided I wanted to capture other people in the shattered window.  I took a few shots which have a very aggressive feeling (stabbing people in the back) and then I captured this man walking my way and I felt a jolt of happiness.  He is looking at me and the glass is piercing him.  With my composition, I’ve pierced his heart.

I Pierced Your Heart – January 2016  By Emmy Horstkamp

and so now, I have the inspiration for the February installation at Odeonsplatz which will once again be some variety of large scale drawings and video but I think I will use the A2 format if the light frame/printing/encaustic works out.

If you would like to be creative with us, our next 14 day challenge begins on Monday.

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