The Competition Begins – Baumstr Art Studio Applications Are Open For Submission

24 Studios are up for grabs.  24 spaces at Klenzestr. 85a RGB / Baumstr. 8b. Such a small number when you think of the hundreds of artists looking for space at a reasonable price but at least there are 24 studios opening up which is good for us and sad for the Munich Artists who must leave and find new spaces to create artwork.

Why apply for the studios?

  • The studios are right in the centre of town.
  • The studios are  in an industrial building with lots of good artsy energy inside.
  • The studios at a price most artists can afford.
  • Lost of people will wander by during open studios to check out your work.
  • You can put it on your CV and it will matter.
  • You will be surrounded by other working artists.
  • You might find remnants of Ray Moore’s art there or he may come back and camp in your studio for old time’s sake.

Here is the link to the application.

Remember everything sent to the city must be in German.  If you don’t write in German have someone translate it for you.  I don’t want you to miss this opportunity to work in the city centre just because I shared this information with you in English.

The deadline for your application is Feb 2, 2016.  Please do not wait until Feb 2 to submit your application.  Please read the instructions and fill out the forms and please listen to what the city wants.  One page CV.  A portfolio sized A4 of your current work with titles with descriptions. The application form filled out with 3 studio choices picked from the provided PDF.  If you are a video artist, you may be able to send additional information.  Once you send in your packet that is it. No additional information will be added to it.

As an artist whose art practice has taken over her house & gallery space, the idea of having an art studio right near the Munich Artists space is very dreamy.  I know I’m not the only artist whose family would be very appreciative if her art studio was removed from the living room/kitchen/bedroom/installation space.

Good luck to all the artists who apply for the studio spaces.  It will be fun to see who gets to call Baumstrasse home from 2016 until 2021.  I wish all Munich Artists could be chosen but since there are only 24 spaces, I know that 24 Munich Artists will be in those spaces because…

You must live within the Sbahn area of Munich to apply.  If you live farther away, you will need to relocate your apartment quick.

Once you are within the proper range of Munich, submit your application but then, please, leave the city alone. The city  will be making decisions in March/April 2016 until then, there will be radio silence as they sift through all the art portfolios of hopeful artists wanting to have studios at Baumstrasse.



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